According to the latest statistics from the Top 10 Industry Research Institute, a subsidiary of TrendForce, the world’s top ten IC design companies’ revenue and rankings in the first quarter of 2020 were released. The demand for teaching has grown significantly, and revenue has broken out of the trend of six consecutive quarters of annual decline; Broadcom’s semiconductor division has experienced negative growth for five consecutive quarters due to market competition and the impact of Sino-US trade frictions, making the first and second places easy to rank. bit.

Yao Jiayang, an analyst at Topology Industry Research Institute, said that Qualcomm successfully entered the supply chain of flagship and high-end models of many mainland mobile phone brands in the first quarter. Netcom’s product demand has brought Qualcomm’s revenue back to growth. In addition to the continuous impact of the Sino-US trade friction entity list policy, Broadcom was also affected by the recent decline in mobile phone shipments from major customer Apple (Apple), which was unable to effectively support the revenue performance of the semiconductor division.

The other two US-based companies, NVIDIA and AMD, maintained solid performance, with annual revenue growth rates of 39.6% and 40.4% respectively in the first quarter. NVIDIA’s growth momentum in gaming graphics cards and data centers is quite strong; the revenue of Chaowei’s 7nm process processor product line continues to grow, and notebook products have benefited from the new crown pneumonia. The growth rate is the highest among the design industry.

Marvell is driven by the demand for China Netcom and 5G infrastructure, and is less affected by the Sino-US trade friction; on the other hand, Xilinx (Xilinx), which is continuously affected by the trade friction, has an annual revenue decline of 8.7%. %, which is also the first time since 2016 that Xilinx has experienced two consecutive quarters of annual declines.

Taiwanese companies MediaTek and Realtek also benefited from the increased demand for remote office work. Meanwhile, MediaTek’s share of the 4G mobile phone market has also increased, driving revenue growth; Novatek is in the smartphone market. The display driver chip products and TV SoC markets have performed well.

Looking forward to the second quarter, Yao Jiayang said that with the Sino-US trade friction heating up again and the impact of the epidemic still existing, it is inevitable that Broadcom and Xilinx will show an annual decline in the short term; and the demand for Netcom and notebook computers driven by the epidemic It is expected to continue, and related IC designers are still expected to perform well in the second quarter.

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