Hillsborough, Oregon — Business Wire — RadiSys, the global leader in open telecommunications solutions ® Corporation today announced the global launch of its RadiSys engage video assistant (EVA), the world’s first application-Free, AI based three in one (video, voice, text) digital customer interaction robot. EVA enables customer support, sales and marketing teams to provide a higher level of personalized services, promote customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction, and cost savings brought by automation, so as to significantly improve the customer experience.

Customers can visually interact with sales experts, subject matter experts, brand ambassadors, brand influencers and customer service representatives on EVA – just use 4G / LTE or 5g smartphones that support video over LTE (video) to call the regular customer support number, or click the link on the website (no download). EVA can also be integrated into mobile applications. EVA’s powerful AI engine can determine customers’ intentions and provide accurate information. It can transition robot interaction to manual customer service when needed, so as to ensure a consistent and seamless customer experience and the maximum economic benefits of manual customer service.

As a white label solution, EVA provides service providers with a platform with flexible deployment options that can be accessed in the network or from the cloud. It can open up new sources of revenue by providing video call robot services for call centers, small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise customers. It can also reduce the cost of call centers through the automation of customer services (such as operation instructions or complex troubleshooting) – voice or text robots alone are not competent for these services.

main features

Current technologies provide tools to control and improve the digital customer experience by establishing self-service customer interaction. However, although chat robots, voice digital assistants and other similar automation technologies can enable enterprises to achieve cost-effective scalability and agility, they lack the humanization required for a satisfactory customer experience.

  • The engage video assistant application enables service providers, call centers, and enterprises to:
  • While maintaining the real visual brand role, humanize existing calls and interactive mobile or voice applications through video.
  1. Create video FAQs for new product launches or common customer support questions.
  2. Enhance existing robots and cumbersome interactive voice response (IVR) solutions.
  3. Expand influencers and brand ambassadors to unprecedented levels through personalized customer interaction.
  • Interact with customers at their chosen time (day or night, weekday or holiday) through personalized video interaction.

Reliance jio, the world’s largest volte service provider, has deployed engage video assistant to serve 370 million users in India and help its commercial customers improve customer service level, reduce customer support costs and improve the efficiency of customer service personnel.

Alan Quayle, independent consultant and founder of tadback and tadback summit, said: “RadiSys’s application free call experience enables enterprises and service providers to provide their customers with an unprecedented call experience. It is easy to integrate, so it can reduce customer support costs; it can also help customers get the information they need faster in a humanized way, thereby improving efficiency.”

Al balasco, vice president of RadiSys communications solutions, said: “Video is a reliable way to build a better sense of immersion, increase click through rates and convert connections into purchases. Engage video assistant is the first digital interactive robot application that seamlessly combines video, voice and text. It can provide ubiquitous and customizable brand and customer services for B2B and B2C customer interaction anytime, anywhere.”

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