Qunchuang, a panel factory under Hon Hai, continued to activate the old production line. After introducing the thermal sensitive flexible fingerprint sensor in 2017, qunchuang launched the fingerprint recognizer on the 4th. Qunchuang said that the 3.5 generation LTPS production line was used as the main production line, and the sensor also became the direction of activating the old production line.

According to qunchuang, most of the old production lines in the industry will be disposed of. However, the company believes that these old production lines have been depreciated. In other words, the development cost is quite low, so they are quite flexible.

Qunchuang pointed out that fingerprint identification can be unlocked, but it will take a long time for relevant authentication compared with if it is used in identity recognition. In other words, it also increases the threshold of competition, so the profit will be better.

It is understood that most mobile phone fingerprint recognition now has a resolution of 100×100 or 80×80. However, this time, the resolution launched by group creative, together with Xingyou and supos, is 256×364. Based on the level that general fingerprint recognition can only identify 7-10 fingerprint features, the fingerprint recognizer of group creative can identify 45-60 fingerprint features.

In addition to sensors, the mini LED is another development focus for the qunchuang generation 3.5 line. Qunchuang said that the 110 inch public display produced by using the mini LED will be launched in the first quarter, and the 65 inch TV produced for Japanese customers will also be launched in the second quarter.

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