Recently, the finals of the 5th “Blooming Cup” 5G Application Collection Competition General Product Special Competition with the theme of “Strong Chain Extension Root 5G Sail and Bloom” was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu.
After the exhibition of the participating projects, the on-site defense and other links, the four 5G and vehicle-mounted projects that Quectel participated in the joint application stood out and won five awards. Among them, “5G RSU roadside unit terminal product for the Internet of Vehicles” won the first prize of the competition, “5G+V2X vehicle-grade module”, “China Unicom Yanfei 5G industrial CPE” and “5G LAN gateway based on R16” three One project won the second prize, in addition, “5G LAN gateway based on R16” also won the best creative award in this special competition.
At present, 5G has become the main theme of high-quality development in all walks of life, especially in the fields of Internet of Vehicles, industry and consumption, 5G application is an important driving force for promoting the innovation and development of the industry. This year’s “Blooming Cup” 5G Application Contest General Product Competition aims to aggregate upstream and downstream resources of the 5G application industry, promote the application of 5G products in the industry, and support the large-scale replication and promotion of 5G applications.
As the world’s leading IoT overall solution provider, in order to better enable 5G applications to achieve large-scale implementation, Quectel not only deploys a wealth of products in the 5G field, but also cooperates with operators and various cooperative units to actively carry out technical Innovation can not only meet the differentiated needs of IoT products from all walks of life, but also use technological innovation to solve the pain points of 5G applications in actual implementation through continuous exploration, bringing a new round of innovation to the development of all walks of life.

In the special competition, the “5G RSU roadside unit terminal product for the Internet of Vehicles”, which was led by China Mobile Internet of Things and jointly declared by Quectel, won the first prize due to its excellence in practicality, general functions, and special functions. prize. The project has been implemented in Shanghai, Wuxi, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and other places, and can provide experience support for the subsequent construction of smart cities, smart ports and smart parks.

In the “5G+V2X vehicle-level module” project led by China Telecom and jointly submitted by Quectel and Tianyi IoT, the vehicle-level module AG550Q developed by Quectel integrates 5G and C-V2X technologies, and its performance is leading And has rich commercial landing experience. At present, the AG550Q has been adopted by many auto manufacturers such as Gaohe and Great Wall, and several key projects such as 5G smart bus and 5G driverless bus have been implemented.

The “China Unicom Yanfei 5G Industrial CPE” and “R16-based 5G LAN Gateway” projects, which were led by China Unicom Digital and jointly submitted by Quectel and Shenzhen Hongdian and Beijing Zhongwei General Industry, won the second prize and the best project in the competition. Best Creativity Award. China Unicom Yanfei 5G Industrial CPE can provide better wireless broadband services for many industrial equipment, and can be widely used in smart factories, smart ports, smart mines, smart transportation, smart grids and other scenarios. The 5G LAN gateway based on R16 has been commercialized in many industries such as home appliance manufacturing, electric power, and steel, enabling the intelligent and networked upgrade of traditional industries.

The development of 5G technology and the innovation of 5G applications are inseparable from the application and empowerment of 5G communication modules. As a pioneer of 5G applications, in recent years, Quectel has built multiple chip platforms, multiple packaging methods, and a wide range of 5G modules that meet the R15 and R16 standards, serving more than 1,000 industry customers around the world to design 5G terminals. Continuously promote breakthroughs in 5G technology and 5G applications.
With the acceleration of 5G construction, in the future, Quectel will continue to maintain close cooperation with ecological partners such as operators, chip manufacturers and industry customers, and continue to explore and innovate to create 5G products with better performance and more competitiveness. Promote the large-scale implementation of 5G applications in more scenarios, and help thousands of industries achieve digital transformation and high-quality development.

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