On September 25, Qualcomm Xiaolong image exhibition was opened at Beijing Kuntai Jiarui cultural center. The film exhibition selected a series of excellent image works taken by 5g smart phones equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 mobile platform to convey the pure, vivid and magnificent beauty of nature and life with the power of science and technology. “Share your vision with the world” is the theme of this film exhibition. Using Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 to support top image technology, users can better record and express their emotions. At the same time, its advanced 5g connection also makes it possible to share anytime and anywhere. Guests from China National Geographic, BOE, Migu, BiliBili and other guests attended the event and made wonderful sharing.

Xiaolong 865, the top mobile technology, unleashes the potential of ultra-high definition creation

With the development of mobile technology, mobile phone imaging capability is constantly achieving new breakthroughs. Qualcomm has always been committed to bringing top-level experience to users through advanced mobile technology. Based on Qualcomm’s decades of R & D investment in mobile computing, Xiaolong 865 mobile platform is helping mobile phone manufacturers create more powerful and intelligent imaging functions and further explore the new possibilities of mobile photography.

Hou Mingjuan, global vice president of Qualcomm, said: “The convenience and rich functions of mobile phones in terms of images enable more and more ordinary people to record, feel and discover the beauty of life. The innovation of mobile image technology has always been the focus and investment of Qualcomm Xiaolong mobile. Now we can take photos with more than 100 million pixels and 4K HDR with 1 billion colors with only one ‘Xiaolong’ mobile phone Video or even 8K video; In the future, with the strong computing power of Xiaolong mobile platform and 5g technology, people’s experience of recording, creating, sharing and enjoying photos and videos using smart phones will be greatly improved. “

Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 mobile platform and top mobile technology release the potential of ultra-high definition creation

Hou Mingjuan, global vice president of Qualcomm

Xiaolong 865 is the industry-leading flagship mobile platform. Its powerful mobile computing performance enables smart phones to significantly improve users’ shooting experience through advanced computing photography. Xiaolong 865 integrates Qualcomm’s latest generation of image signal processing unit spectrum 480 ISP. The strength of this ISP can be summarized as three special hardware cores to realize hardware acceleration from the underlying technology of the chip, namely Hispeed capture module supporting high-speed data stream processing, EVA (video analysis engine) supporting depth sensing and object recognition, And heif module supporting advanced imaging. Xu Heng, senior director of product marketing of Qualcomm, said: “the three modules of spectrum 480 ISP enable it to creatively process photos and videos at the speed of 2 billion pixels per second, so as to create a rich and interesting new mobile image experience, such as 8K video shooting, 4K HDR video, 200 million pixel photos, shooting while recording and 960fps unlimited slow motion video shooting.”

Xu Heng, senior director of product marketing for Qualcomm

Specifically, with the help of Hispeed capture module, the spectrum 480 ISP can process the data streams of multiple image sensors at high speed. At the same time, the hardware based noise reduction of the spectrum 480 ISP can not only better reduce the common noise in the weak light shooting environment, but also clearly identify the picture texture and retain the best details. The temporal filtering core in EVA (video analysis engine) can globally process pixels and realize local motion compensation, so that users can also process any local motion in the scene when shooting video. Heif, a new file format, can support a variety of image compression, coding and storage functions, including capturing and saving HDR images, mixing video and still images, supporting CV processing and saving all CV data, processing depth of field maps, etc.

In order to meet consumers’ needs for the convenience and ease of use of smartphone shooting, spectrum 480 ISP can help mobile phone manufacturers create richer AI shooting cases when cooperating with Qualcomm’s fifth generation AI engine. While the user gently presses the mobile phone shutter, multiple neural networks in Xiaolong 865 are working synchronously to segment, detect, reduce noise, virtualize, high dynamic range, etc. Video shooting puts forward higher requirements for the AI performance of the chip. Behind a 4K 60fps video, more AI neural networks are required to process it to achieve better video noise reduction, night scene, high dynamic range, etc., which usually consumes more than 10 tops of computing power. The fifth generation AI engine integrated by Xiaolong 865 can realize up to 15 trillion operations per second (15tops). The powerful AI computing power provides full support for rich AI shooting cases.

In addition, shooting 8K video with smart phones also puts forward high requirements for the processing capacity of mobile platform ISP, because 8K not only means the upgrading of resolution and size, but also the significant improvement of pixel quality. Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 is the only mobile platform in the industry that can support 8K video shooting. Users can create 8K video through their Xiaolong mobile phone, record life and share beauty. Qualcomm set up Qualcomm Xiaolong Ultra HD cinema at the event site, so that the audience can experience the vivid wildlife and shocking mountain and River Weather photographed by China National Geographic photographers using 5g smartphones equipped with Xiaolong 865 mobile platform on the 8K Ultra HD display device provided by BOE.

5g + 8K to promote ecological win-win of UHD video industry

At present, ultra-high definition video content has gradually become a popular form of entertainment for consumers, and the industry also has high hopes for ultra-high definition video and its transmission technology. With the support of 5g cutting-edge technology and the cooperation of all links of the industrial chain, the ultra-high definition video industry will become an indispensable and important part of the 5g industrial system in the future and achieve ecological win-win. At the event site, Qualcomm, together with China National Geographic, BOE, Migu and BiliBili, discussed the creation of ultra-high definition content in the 5g era, and looked forward to the transformative role of ultra-high definition video content captured by 5g smart phones in the industry. The combination of 5g + UHD content will comprehensively promote the development of software and hardware, terminal equipment industry, content platform, component supply chain, etc. This will not only change the industries such as exhibition, medical treatment, education, emergency response and live broadcasting, but also greatly stimulate the public’s enthusiasm for creation. In the future, users will be able to experience a more three-dimensional, real and gorgeous audio-visual feast. At the event, Qualcomm showed that under the 5g network of China Mobile, the ultra-high definition video content captured by Xiaolong 5g smartphone on Migu app was smoothly streamed to TV devices, so that the on-site audience could feel the high-speed transmission of 5g, the bright colors and fine image quality of ultra-high definition video content.

Round table discussion: UHD content creation in 5g Era

The iteration of mobile technology has continuously promoted the upgrading of mobile terminal performance and experience, and 5g will further change people’s shooting experience using smart phones. With the support of the top shooting experience enabled by Xiaolong 865, everyone can create highly expressive and detailed image works through more than 100 million pixel photos, more than 1 billion color 4K HDR video, 8K video and AI photography, and share them with the world through 5g network in time. Qualcomm Xiaolong helps everyone become the best creator, record the beauty of life and capture the beauty of nature at any time.

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