An excellent true wireless headset should not only have pure sound quality, but also have convenient use experience and excellent endurance. Qcy, which is committed to creating technological and innovative wireless Bluetooth products for the new generation of young people, launched qcy T18 melobus true wireless headset that supports snapdragon sound listening technology. Equipped with Qualcomm qcc3050 low-power Bluetooth audio SOC, it can bring an audio feast comparable to live, and supports seamless switching between dual devices and 30 hours of ultra long battery life.

Pure original sound

Qcy T18 melobuds true wireless headset is a product with in ear design. It is equipped with three sets of ear caps of different specifications to ensure a comfortable fit like a cloud. Equipped with 10mm graphene dynamic horn, it lays a solid foundation for excellent listening experience. At the same time, it supports snapdragon sound technology. Through Qualcomm aptx adaptive audio technology, it can achieve 24bit/96khz ultra-high resolution audio experience, further sublimate the audio experience, and bring about a surging sound effect just like being in the field.

Not only is it more enjoyable to listen to. Based on Qualcomm qcc3050 Bluetooth audio SOC, qcy T18 melobus also supports Qualcomm aptx voice audio technology. During voice calls, 32kHz sampled audio can be realized, and the signal-to-noise ratio is greatly optimized, significantly improving the sound quality and call quality.

In addition to bringing better sound quality and clear call experience, qcy T18 melobuds is also an excellent peripheral for players to fight the game world together. With the support of Qualcomm aptx adaptive audio technology, it can provide very low delay to make the game more immersive. It is also specially designed with a game mode, which can be opened by three clicks on the right ear, allowing players to enter the competitive state in seconds.

Two devices, seamless switching

Nowadays, more and more people are used to using two mobile phones at the same time, or using computers and mobile phones to connect headphones at the same time at work. In order to enable headphones to switch freely between different device sound sources, qcy T18 melobuds adds the function of simultaneous connection of multiple devices, seamlessly switching and simplifying everything.

For example, qcy T18 melobus is connected to a mobile phone and a laptop computer at the same time. When the user is playing a movie on the laptop computer, the mobile phone has a call in. The user doesn’t have to be in a hurry. Just touch the headset to seamlessly switch and answer the incoming call. When the call ends, the headset will automatically switch back to notebook audio, and the highlight will continue.

In addition, in terms of endurance that users care about, thanks to the low-power characteristics of Qualcomm qcc3050 Bluetooth audio SOC, qcy T18 melobus can listen to music for 7 hours at a time, and use it with a charging compartment, with a total endurance of up to 30 hours *, so that users can bid farewell to the anxiety of headset endurance.

With the blessing of Qualcomm qcc3050 Bluetooth audio SOC and snapdragon sound snapdragon listening technology, qcy T18 melobus brings a high-quality wireless audio experience. Multi device seamless switching and up to 30 hours of battery life make it more practical. If you are looking for a true wireless Bluetooth headset suitable for daily use, the qcy T18 melobuds that make the rounds with their strength will certainly surprise you.

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