A few days ago, Qualcomm technologies announced the launch of its first AR (augmented reality) reference design, which is based on the Qualcomm snapdragon XR1 platform and can provide high performance, immersive experience and lower power consumption. The reference design of AR smart glasses can be connected with a variety of compatible devices such as smart phones, windows PCs and processing units. At the same time, it is specially optimized for the terminal equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon mobile platform.

Different from other types of AR glasses, the AR intelligent glasses reference design has built-in processing unit, which can support the distribution of computing workload to glasses and host devices. The AR smart glasses also support a series of important features and core use cases for enterprise and consumer markets, including: the support for separate processing enables ar smart glasses to reduce the overall power consumption of the system by 30% through optimization on the glasses side; The system level function provided by 2D application framework can lock the applications on smart phones in the physical environment of users in the form of multiple virtual screens. The framework also supports ar smart glasses to watch high-quality movies and streaming media services under copyright protection; In the process of connecting with PC, AR smart glasses can lock the virtual PC window to the real world plane by using plane detection and rendering ability of supporting multiple virtual displays; Using the 8 MB RGB anti shake camera, AR smart glasses can realize the remote assistant application of “see what I see”; The dual monochrome camera on AR smart glasses supports 6 DOF head tracking and gesture recognition.

In order to promote the expansion of AR smart glasses ecosystem, Microsoft said: “as an accessory of smart phones, windows PCs or other host computing devices, AR smart glasses is an excellent tool to provide immersive experience. We look forward to working with Qualcomm technologies to introduce azuremr services into the expanding snapdragon based MR device ecosystem. “

At the same time as AR intelligent glasses reference design, Lenovo recently launched thinkerealitya3 with snapdragon XR1 platform. As an advanced and widely functional enterprise class smart glasses, the device will be available in mid-2021. It can provide virtual display and 3D visualization for AR assisted workflow and immersive training, and will transform the enterprise cooperation mode from multiple dimensions.

As a long-term partner of Qualcomm in the field of smart glasses, Xu Chi, founder and CEO of nreal, said: “with the global deployment and success of nreal light, we are committed to providing more content and innovative user experience in the future. The separate processing between smart glasses and smart phones or host devices opens up a new immersive experience, and we look forward to working with Qualcomm technologies to jointly promote the development of this technology. “

Hugo swart, vice president of Qualcomm technologies and general manager of XR business, said: “snapdragon xr1ar smart glasses not only opens a new chapter in the reference design portfolio of Qualcomm, but also marks an important progress in the evolution of AR glasses. The relatively simple ar glasses prove that smart glasses can become accessories of smart phones. Now, AR smart glasses allow us to separate part of the workload into glasses for processing, thus expanding the possibilities of use cases, applications and immersive experiences. It can be said that the reference design is the first step for us to promote the large-scale development of AR industry. “

In this reference design, BOE provides a micro OLED binocular display, which can support the frame rate up to 90hz and the feature of no motion blur to create a seamless ar experience. The AR intelligent glasses hardware developed by goer Co., Ltd. enables manufacturers to develop intelligent ar devices quickly and on a large scale. Snapdragon xr1ar intelligent glasses reference design is now available to some partners, and will be available to more partners in the next few months.

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