Since the new century, there has never been a year as challenging as 2020. Under the epidemic situation, the demand for digital transformation in the fields of education, industry and science and technology is increasingly urgent, which also makes 5g, as the basis of digital connection, more and more important.

“After all this in 2020, we have come to realize more clearly that connectivity is crucial to our daily lives and even to the global economy, and it also allows us to accelerate our progress towards a digital future. Today, consumers and enterprises are using digital and cloud platforms, services and tools at an unprecedented speed, which makes the digital process five years ahead of schedule. “

Alex Rogers, global executive vice president and technology licensing president of Qualcomm, said at the world 5g 2020 conference in Guangzhou, China. Under the background that digital transformation is becoming more and more prominent, this conference will also focus on the future of 5g and digital economy. According to the data, the number of 5g connections in the world is expected to exceed 1 billion in 2023. By 2035, 5g will create 13.1 trillion US dollars of economic output and 22.8 million jobs worldwide.

The reporter noted that as an important member of global 5g technology research and development, Qualcomm also brought the latest achievements and experience sharing in 5g field at this conference. Whether it is cooperation with Chinese ecosystem partners or insight into the future deployment and application prospects of 5g, the industry is increasingly looking forward to the prospects of global 5g.

Join hands with China’s 5g partners to promote digital transformation

Although the outbreak in 2020 has affected the global economic growth to a certain extent, it has also accelerated the role of digitalization in thousands of industries. Various integrated applications online and offline have played an important role in fighting the epidemic, resuming work and production, and boosting the economy. Wireless technology represented by 5g generation is the core of various applications.

Qualcomm: join hands with China's 5g partners to promote digital transformation

The reporter learned at the conference that at present, more than 95 operators in 40 countries have deployed 5g networks, and more than 300 operators are investing in 5g networks, which are expected to launch services soon. By the end of 2020, the volume of 5g mobile phones is expected to reach 200 million.

Among them, China’s 5g deployment is in the forefront of the world. Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the conference that as of October this year, more than 700000 5g base stations and 180 million terminal connections had been opened in China.

In this construction process, Qualcomm is a deep participant. When attending relevant forums of this conference, Meng Pu, chairman of China region of Qualcomm, said that the company has been working with Chinese partners to promote the development of 5g and push China’s mobile terminal industry to the forefront of global 5g.

According to Meng Pu, as early as 2018, when 5g was not yet commercially available, Qualcomm launched the “5g pilot program” with major Chinese partners in Beijing. “At that time, our goal was to see 5g intelligent terminal products designed and produced by Chinese manufacturers in every market of major countries and regions in the world at the time of 5g commercial use in China and the world.” Meng Pu said.

In less than two years, this goal has been achieved. According to Meng Pu, 18 months after the launch of the first 5g commercial network, major countries and regions in the world have seen China’s 5g terminal products when launching 5g services.

At the same time, Qualcomm helps 5g expand to various industries in China to promote the interconnection of everything. It is reported that Qualcomm has jointly initiated the “5g Internet of things innovation plan” with more than 20 partners, and is committed to promoting the win-win innovation of the Internet of things industry from the three dimensions of terminal form, ecological cooperation and digital upgrading. In addition, Qualcomm also cooperates with local governments in Heilongjiang, Guangxi, Sichuan and Yunnan to use 5g and other technologies to promote the intelligent development of agriculture and help narrow the digital divide.

“As we enter the year of 5g expansion this year, Qualcomm is committed to expanding 5g applications from the field of smart phones to all kinds of industries, so that 5g can not only improve the application experience of mobile Internet for consumers, but also help the digital transformation of enterprises.” Meng Pu said that now 5g is helping enterprises to achieve many things in various environments and application scenarios that could not be achieved in the past 3G and 4G era. 4G is changing life and 5g is changing society, which is gradually becoming a reality.

Application and innovation of enabling industry helps the new pattern of “double cycle”

While speeding up the popularization of 5g terminals, Qualcomm is also actively focusing on industry application innovation. Taking the media industry as an example, Hou Mingjuan, global vice president of Qualcomm, shared a number of cases at this conference.

During the two sessions of this year, the epidemic led to few reporters who could go to the scene to interview. Therefore, Qualcomm cooperated with the media to let reporters use 5g mobile phones to conduct on-site interviews, bringing a lot of high-definition reports such as 100 megapixel photos and 8K videos, so that more people have the feeling of being on the scene.

Another case comes from the shooting of wild animals. By using the 5g mobile phone equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon mobile platform, professional photographers of National Geographic of China shot 8K ultra high definition wildlife video, presenting the delicate and flexible moments of the beauty of life to the public, arousing the public’s awareness of protecting ecological nature, and using technology to convey the temperature of love.

In addition, with the help of tvu5g live backpack with built-in Qualcomm snapdragon x555g modem and RF system, the reporter brought back high-definition video from the scene of measuring the height of Mount Everest this year, which quickly and clearly delivered the first-line information to the broad audience.

“5g is not just another technology upgrade cycle, it is a new technology that can bring disruptive changes to human beings. 5g is a common technology like electric power and steam engine. On the basis of 5g, many applications can be derived. ” Hou Mingjuan said that Qualcomm is willing to join hands with the media industry, operators and even the whole mobile communication ecosystem to optimize the application of mobile technology in the media industry, provide better services for more audiences and readers, and use technology to transfer information.

As the most popular application field of 5g +, industrial Internet also received high attention in this conference. Xu Kuai, head of R & D in China, pointed out at the conference that 5g, as a unified architecture, can support many applications in vertical industries. At the same time, 5g has scalability and high reliability, which can replace wired connection in industrial Internet application scenarios.

The time sensitive network supported by 5g standard, low delay, high reliable connection, high precision indoor positioning, private network and spectrum sharing technology can promote the new future of intelligent industry in 5g era.

Obviously, with the help of the important platform of the world 5g conference, Qualcomm has shown its determination to continue to broaden and deepen cooperation with China Mobile ecosystem in various fields, and has also passed on its development concept of continuing to be firm in opening up and cooperation, sharing and win-win results. With the arrival of China’s “double cycle” new development pattern, Qualcomm’s 5g sharing win-win blueprint will be further expanded.

As Alex Rogers stressed at this conference, since its establishment, Qualcomm has always been committed to enabling customers and the entire ecosystem. Through innovation, system solutions, technology platforms, and global efforts to achieve 5g business, it has enabled and expanded the ecosystem, enabling all walks of life, creating new products and services that drive the development of the digital economy, and promoting the industry’s growth to the next level Before the development, and ensure that 5g benefits everyone.

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