Beijing, China, March 17, 2020 – qorvo, a leading supplier of RF solutions in mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace, and defense applications ®, Inc. (NASDAQ: qrvo) today announced qorvo RF fusion ™ 5g chipset won the GTI mobile technology innovation breakthrough award in 2020. This award is recognition of qorvo’s breakthrough innovation in 5g chipset field; It creatively combines the compact and high-performance 5g function with the requirements of leading smartphone manufacturers for fast time to market. This is the second time qorvo’s 5g product has won the GTI award.

Qorvo RF Fusion ™  5g chipset won GTI mobile technology innovation breakthrough award in 2020

Illustration: qorvo RF fusion ™ Update process from 2018 to 2020

TD-LTE Global Development Initiative (GTI) is an open global association established by operators and suppliers, which is committed to promoting the development of TD-LTE and 5g. The GTI award program recognizes the industry’s most outstanding breakthroughs and achievements, and encourages innovative product, service and application research and development.

Eric creviston, President of qorvo mobile products, said: “we are pleased to be recognized by the prestigious GTI award again. The award demonstrates qorvo’s leadership in 5g RF front-end technology and products. We are proud to help accelerate 5g commercialization and global promotion.”

Qorvo’s RF fusion 5g solution supports all 5g bands and utilizes E-UTRA’s new radio dual connection (en-dc) and complete independent operation, including dual 5g uplink. Qorvo’s RF fusion 5g product portfolio has been put into mass production to achieve high reliability and excellent performance by using its GaAs Power Amplifier and BAW filter, thus promoting the launch of a number of new 5g mobile phones.

For more information about qorvo RF fusion solution, please click here; And check the RF fusion product manual here: RF fusion ™ Integrated solution: high performance 4G and 5g mobile devices.

Qorvo’s high-performance RF solution simplifies the design, reduces the board area of the product, saves power, improves system performance and accelerates the adoption of carrier aggregation. Qorvo integrates system level expertise, extensive manufacturing scale and the industry’s most comprehensive product and technology portfolio to help leading manufacturers accelerate the delivery of next-generation LTE, LTE-A, 5g and Internet of things (IOT) products. Qorvo’s core RF solutions establish standards for next-generation connectivity and bring unparalleled integration and performance at the core of the interconnected world.


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