Concurrentconnecttm technology supports seamless connection between IOT products with different protocols.

Beijing, China, March 23, 2021 – qorvo, a leading provider of RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace and defense applications ®, Inc. (NASDAQ: qrvo) today announced the launch of qpg6100, the first smart home communication controller, which aims to realize the synchronous support of multiple ultra-low power wireless protocols. Qorvo’s new qpg6100 communication controller is suitable for IOT terminal devices. It adopts the company’s concurrenccttm technology, which can accelerate communication speed, improve home network capacity and scalability, and allow manufacturers to create future oriented interconnected devices (such as lighting and smart home sensors). The technology supports multiple smart devices running at the same time, no matter which major wireless standard they use, which helps to eliminate the obstacles to the development of smart home.

IDC predicts that home automation devices and services will continue to be popular. It is estimated that by 2024, the global sales of smart home devices will reach 1.4 billion units, with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 14%.

With the expansion of the Internet of things and the increasing number of consumer electronics using smart home technology, the challenge for system engineers and IOT device manufacturers is to ensure that their sensors can communicate quickly and operate effectively even if new devices are added. In addition to the familiar Wi Fi, smart lighting, thermostats, security sensors and appliances also adopt other low-power, low data rate wireless standards, including Bluetooth ® LowEnergy、Thread ® And ZigBee ®。 With concurrent connect technology, smart home devices can communicate through home network even if sensors use different standards or languages.

By using concurrent connect technology, qorvo’s qpg6100 integrates synchronous multi standard support function in single RF system on chip (SOC). Qpg6100 supports all home network protocols and allows devices to continuously receive communication signals in the monitoring phase. For example, qorvo’s patented technology allows consumers to quickly dim a light bulb via a smartphone without delay.

When manufacturers combine qpg6100 with qorvo’s powerful software development kit, the IOT devices they create can manage data traffic from multiple standards or protocols at the same time without delay. Qpg6100 and qorvo’s qpg7015m IOT transceivers for wireless routers and gateways released last year support concurrent connect technology. These two kinds of SOC make it unnecessary for manufacturers to choose in advance which technology to integrate in their devices (ZigBee, thread or Bluetooth low-power). They can also reduce the number of parts, thereby reducing costs, simplifying development and support, and providing consumers with smaller, more beautiful dimensions.

“Concurrent connect technology represents an important step towards dynamic multi protocol support,” said ceeslinks, general manager of wireless connectivity at qorvo. Using a gateway or hub and multiple IOT devices that support concurrent connect can create a simplified smart home without missing any signals. By synchronously supporting all major wireless protocols, designers and homeowners can ensure seamless connectivity when adding new devices. This higher flexibility will stimulate more innovative applications in the field of smart home. “

Qpg6100 smart home controller samples and software development kits have been provided.

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