The new FEM supports Wi-Fi 6e to expand the capacity advantage, and provides gigabit network speed for consumer and enterprise devices.

Beijing, China, February 2, 2021 – qorvo, a leading supplier of RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace, and defense applications ®, Inc. (NASDAQ: qrvo) today announced the launch of two Wi Fi 6e front-end modules (FEM) — qpf4656 and qpf4632, aiming to fully improve the throughput and coverage of high bandwidth applications such as 8K video streaming, online games and virtual reality.

Wi Fi 6e is an extended version of Wi Fi 6. In addition to the traditional 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, it also supports the recently opened 6 GHz band. Wi Fi 6e has three times the capacity of ordinary Wi Fi, supports continuous spectrum, and can accommodate 7 additional 160 MHz channels or 14 additional 80 MHz channels. Qorvo’s Wi Fi 6e FEM unleashes all the potential of this new frequency band, providing leading linearity performance at the allowable indoor peak power level, and improving throughput and capacity as much as possible.

Qpf4656 and qpf4632 launched by qorvo today provide reliable performance, first-class energy efficiency, high speed and high throughput under the high power level supported by the extended bandwidth of Wi Fi 6e. Qpf4656 is applicable to consumer Wi Fi 6e routers and gateways; Qpf4632 is applicable to enterprise power over Ethernet (POE) Wi Fi 6e products and applications.

Qorvo Wi Fi 6e FEM uses a compact package, which is 25% more effective than current solutions, helping consumer and enterprise wireless network solutions realize cost, size and heat dissipation advantages.

Cees links, general manager of qorvo wireless connection business department, said: “based on the requirements of Wi Fi 6e standard, qorvo’s newly launched Wi Fi 6e FEM supports high bandwidth applications, can achieve faster data transmission speed and lower delay, and is smaller and more reliable. It can bring consumers and enterprises better home entertainment, games and social experiences.”

Qpf4656 and qpf4632 FEM can now provide samples.

Qorvo offers a wide range of v2x, Wi Fi, SDARS, UWB, eCall, LTE and 5g automotive solutions. These solutions have been developed in close collaboration with multiple chipsets used by leading module manufacturers to support a longer vehicle life cycle. In addition to meeting the iso/ts 16949 certification requirements, qorvo also implements aec-q100 and aec-q200 tests to ensure that the products meet the strict requirements of the automotive industry. For more information about qorvo automotive RF solutions (including qorvo’s connected car for Dummies ® E-book), please click here.

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