With superior performance and scalability, it can meet the global demand

Beijing, China, January 26, 2021 – qorvo, Inc. (NASDAQ: qrvo), a leading provider of RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure, aerospace and defense applications, today announced the launch of a series of high-performance low-noise amplifiers (LAN) products tailored for base station infrastructure deployment (including 5g large-scale MIMO (m-mimo)) — qpl9547 and qpl9057 Qpl9058 and qpl9504. Qorvo’s new series of LANs are compact, with the industry’s lowest noise figure (up to 0.3dB at 2GHz) and excellent reliability and scalability.

Qpl9547lna, the flagship product of this series, adopts qorvo’s new generation enhanced mode pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT) process, which can provide market-leading noise figure and higher receiver sensitivity for cellular base stations. This LNA can realize internal matching and use 2mmx2   mm compact package to save space for system design. Other LNAs in the product family, such as qpl9057, qpl9058 and qpl9504, are optimized to provide the high gain and disable pin functions required for 5g wireless infrastructure.

“In 5g networks, uplink is the limiting factor, and large-scale MIMO makes uplink more important,” said Joe Madden, chief analyst at mobile experts, Inc. Low noise figure and high dynamic range are the key to achieve greater 5g network coverage. We expect that with the rise of global large-scale MIMO, the market will need a large number of such LNA products. “

Roger hall, general manager of qorvo high performance solutions (HPS), said: “with the new third generation LNA, our customers can design and deploy 5g solutions more easily. This series of LNAs helps to ensure seamless and reliable data transmission, thereby promoting global customer demand. “

Qpl9547, qpl9057, qpl9058 and qpl9504 are now in mass production and supply.

The global deployment of 5g networks drives the market demand for qorvo’s high-performance RF solution portfolio, including Gan high-power amplifiers and GaAs front-end modules (FEMs). Qorvo’s 5g product portfolio can provide the efficiency, reliability and size required by base station manufacturers and network operators, and help to achieve the goal of improving capacity and coverage. In addition, it can also provide complete solutions for new 5g smart phones, including low-frequency, medium high-frequency and ultra high-frequency FEMS; transmit receive modules; and antenna control solutions that support innovative design, enhance performance and shorten time to market.

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