Qorvo cooperates with other leading wireless chipset providers and RF front-end providers to establish openrf alliance, aiming to promote RF front-end development and 5g ecosystem interoperability

Openrf helps 5g device manufacturers optimize system performance, increase RF front-end platform selection, shorten time to market, and reduce total cost of ownership

Beijing, China, October 21, 2020 – qorvo, Inc. (NASDAQ: qrvo), a leading provider of RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure, aerospace and defense applications, recently announced the joint establishment of openrf with other leading wireless chipset providers and RF front-end suppliers Gamma (open RF alliance). The alliance is committed to extending the interoperability of hardware and software functions of multi-mode RF front-end and chipset platform to 5g era, while meeting customers’ requirements for open architecture. Its founding members include Broadcom Inc., Intel Corporation, MediaTek Inc., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., qorvo and Samsung.

Openrf aims to provide an open framework for standardizing hardware and software interfaces without limiting innovation, while enabling 5g equipment OEMs to flexibly take advantage of time to market, cost, performance and supply chain advantages. OEMs will be able to choose from a multi vendor ecosystem of interoperable state-of-the-art solutions using the same RF front end and 5g baseband.

The establishment of openrf is supported by many chipset providers, RF front-end suppliers and device manufacturers all over the world. They are committed to building a multi supplier 5g ecosystem. The organization will improve the traditional reference design process to meet the needs of customers to improve the interests of the industry, thereby reducing the time to market of configurable solutions. Openrf plans are as follows:

  • Create a set of core chipsets and RF front-end functions and interfaces to achieve 5g baseband interoperability and support supplier innovation;
  • On the basis of industry standards, maximize the configurability and effectiveness of RF front-end;
  • A general hardware abstraction layer is developed to enhance the interface between transceiver / modem and RFFE module;
  • Define and develop industry leading RF power management solutions.

Openrf plans to develop a compliance program to support a robust ecosystem of interoperable RFFE and chipset platforms.

Currently, openrf is working to reach a contact agreement with Mipi alliance. The RFFE working group of the Mipi alliance will continue to coordinate the development of the Mipi rffesm specification, which has actually become the control interface of the RF front end since its release in 2010.

“The RF front-end market has become extremely complex and the industry is beginning to need structures that can cope with this complexity,” said Joe Madden, chief analyst at mobile experts. By standardizing some common components, the open RF Association will allow RFFE suppliers to focus on innovation. Manufacturing generic building blocks in non competitive areas can also shorten time to market, ensure compatibility between cross generation platforms and different platforms, and save millions of dollars through improved economies of scale. All of this is feasible without eliminating the fierce competition among suppliers. “

Statement of support (in company alphabetical order)

David Archbold, vice president of marketing for Broadcom’s wireless semiconductor division, said: “one of the main problems facing mobile phone OEMs today is time to market, which means timely delivery of leading edge products in a highly competitive environment. The framework provided by openrf can simplify and compress the design cycle of OEM from initial stage to product release. This is a key step in creating a competitive environment that allows OEMs to freely choose solutions based on performance, size and cost. “

“As an industry leader, Intel is very happy to join openrf to promote the 5g era,” said Chenwei Yan, vice president and general manager of Intel interconnect products and projects. In the field of RF technology, it is very important to establish hardware and software interoperability framework, which helps to accelerate innovation and benefit the society with 5g. We look forward to working with other industry leaders to achieve the common goals of openrf. “

“It’s very valuable to provide customers with multiple interoperable RFFE solutions,” said Joe Chen, President of MediaTek. Openrf can be extended to the entire industry, while providing chipset solutions that are superior in competitiveness, performance, value and production. “

“Murata is committed to the smooth implementation of the openrf Standards Initiative,” said Michael conry, Murata’s product marketing director and openrf board member. As an executive member, Murata believes that openrf will simplify the development of 5g solutions and minimize their time to market. With the market demanding flexibility and ultra-high performance, this provides high value for our customers facing 5g system complexity and integration challenges. As a leader in RF front-end modules, Murata is very happy to provide high-performance products that meet openrf standards. “

Eric creviston, President of qorvo’s mobile products division, said: “qorvo strongly supports the objectives of the open RF Association, and we are very pleased to be able to support this important initiative. All along, wireless device manufacturers rely on a robust first-class solution ecosystem to realize the differentiation and optimization of the overall performance of products. The open RF association has basically standardized this time proven framework while supporting further innovation and helping to shorten the delivery time of next-generation 5g devices. “

“Samsung Electronics fully supports openrf’s vision and hopes to create a robust 5g ecosystem through this industry wide collaboration,” said Thomas byunghakcho, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics. We hope that this initiative can achieve cross platform interoperability and accelerate the provision of innovative high-performance RF solutions for equipment manufacturers. In particular, customers will be able to experience greater decision-making flexibility, thus promoting the development of the whole industry. “

Join openrf

Openrf is open to smartphone chipsets, RFFE, OEM suppliers and related industry companies.

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