Sponsored by China Internet of things industry application alliance and Shenzhen Internet of things industry association, and organized by Shenzhen Internet of things Media Co., Ltd., the “2020 China Internet of things CEO thousand people conference” was successfully held in Sheraton Hotel, Greater China, Shenzhen“ The results of “2019 IOT star – China IOT industry annual evaluation” were also officially announced at the conference. Qinglianyun was selected from thousands of participating enterprises and won the most influential IOT security enterprise award of “2019 IOT star”.

The 2019 annual evaluation of IOT star has set up a number of awards for enterprises in different business links. The expert panel has lasted for more than five months. Qinglianyun won the IOT star 2019 China’s most influential IOT security enterprise award by virtue of its professional technology, innovative product concept and good industry reputation, It is also the only Internet of things security company that has won the award for three consecutive years. At the same time, we also congratulate Qianxin, Baidu, Tianyi IOT, Huada electronics, Hongsi electronics, Bangbang security and other enterprises for winning the award. Qinglianyun also hopes that more colleagues can enter the IOT security industry and jointly push forward the IOT security.

Qinglian cloud helps customers quickly apply in the business scenario of the landing Internet of things and get rid of the security drawbacks

Qinglianyun is a provider of cloud computing and security solutions for the Internet of things. The core products include IOT cloud platform and IOT security product matrix. Full link security solutions can help customers quickly apply in landing business scenarios and get rid of security drawbacks. At present, the products have been applied in smart home, smart real estate, smart city, dynamic environmental monitoring, smart charging, public security, industrial manufacturing, operators and other fields. Qinglianyun firmly believes in the original intention of entrepreneurship, and will continue to polish its products to do the best for the security infrastructure construction of the Internet of things.

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