More than 100 leading enterprises in the automotive and technology industry chain participated in the demonstration of c-v2x technology readiness and industrial maturity, and jointly accelerated the commercial landing of c-v2x in China.

Shanghai, October 29, 2020 – Qualcomm technologies, Inc. announced today that it will join a wide range of enterprises in China to show the complete industrial ecology with cellular Internet of vehicles (c-v2x) technology as the core, accelerate the improvement of c-v2x industrial development and promote large-scale business. Recently, qcomm technologies joined hands with more than 100 leading enterprises in automobile and technology ecology to participate in the large-scale pilot application demonstration activity of China 2020 ICV c-v2x “new four spans”, objectively test and demonstrate the performance and reliability of c-v2x technology in large-scale communication scenarios, and jointly explore the opportunities of this technology in the field of mapping and positioning.

The exhibition includes two parts: the “new four span” interoperability verification and large-scale testing. More than 40 vehicle enterprises, more than 40 terminal enterprises, more than 10 chip module enterprises, more than 20 information security enterprises, five map manufacturers and five positioning service providers participated in the exhibition. On the basis of the c-v2x application demonstration in 2019, the activity is further developed into a “new four span” interconnection Application Exhibition of c-v2x across chip modules, terminals, vehicles, security platforms and graphic vendors. It adopts a new digital certificate format, adds high-precision maps and positioning, and deploys a continuous scene closer to reality and more oriented to commercial applications.

As the highlight of this year’s activity, the large-scale test of c-v2x focuses on verifying the operation ability of large-scale deployment of c-v2x products and systems. On the basis of the interoperability and security mechanism verification achieved in the previous c-v2x application demonstration, the industry is marching towards a more perfect c-v2x large-scale commercial application. 180 c-v2x on-board units (OBU) and roadside units (RSU) are used as the test background to simulate the urban traffic peak hours and congested roads. The communication performance and application functions of c-v2x are tested in the scale application environment for chip modules, terminals, vehicles and other links to verify the large-scale operation ability of c-v2x system.

Most of the demonstration vehicles and OBU devices of this application demonstration activity adopt the qcomm? 9150c-v2x chipset, and on this basis, the vehicle specification level qcomm? Snapdragon is added Gamma Automobile 4G platform provides stable connection ability for vehicles participating in the test. Through V2V and V2I direct communication, 4G or 5g wireless WAN v2n connection, Xiaolong automobile 4G and 5g platform aims to improve road safety and traffic efficiency, alleviate congestion and increase capacity through integrated c-v2x technology and high-precision positioning ability, so as to provide support for c-v2x business.

The five types of V2I demonstration scenarios of the interconnection application demonstration include: signs inside the vehicle, traffic information push / green wave traffic, safety comparison demonstration, vulnerable traffic participants reminder and front construction reminder; the five types of V2V demonstration scenarios include: forward collision warning, emergency vehicle avoidance, fault vehicle reminder, blind area warning and left turn assistance; and MEC of front congestion reminder( Mobile edge computing) scene, and high-precision map and positioning assistance.

Su Li, deputy director of Security Technology Research Institute of China Mobile Communication Research Institute, said: “industrial cooperation is of great significance for the large-scale commercial use of c-v2x. Last year, China Mobile Research Institute, together with many enterprises such as Qualcomm technologies, completed the verification of the security configuration capability of c-v2x certificate of Internet of vehicles, and realized the integrated application of network security capability of operators in the automotive industry. We are very happy to further cooperate with qcomm technologies to witness the continuous improvement of the industrial ecology, promote the development of China’s c-v2x industry, and contribute to the strategy of strengthening China’s automobile industry. “

Dr. Wang Yizhi, co-founder and vice president of technology R & D of Xingyun Internet, said: “driven by c-v2x technology, the automotive industry is constantly innovating and evolving at an unprecedented speed. With the maturity of technology and industrial ecology, the future of smart transportation and smart city has gradually emerged. Xingyun Internet is very happy to provide system support for the c-v2x communication performance and function test under the background of large-scale terminal communication. We hope to join hands with broader industry chain enterprises including Qualcomm technologies to accelerate the commercial implementation of c-v2x. “

Zhang Ying, project director of Great Wall Motor R & D branch, said: “with the continuous development of Gigabit Ethernet, 5g, v2x and other technologies, automobile manufacturers are constantly improving their requirements for intelligent networking and intelligent driving. Last year, we have reached cooperation with qcomm technologies in the 5g field. In the future, we will use snapdragon 5g platform in our latest models to introduce 5g technology into intelligent networking transportation and intelligent vehicles, so as to promote the rapid development of c-v2x industry and large-scale commercial use. “

Jim misener, senior director of product management and head of global c-v2x ecosystem at Qualcomm technologies, Inc., said: “at present, 5g technology is enabling the automotive industry and expanding many applications, promoting the ecological scale development of China’s c-v2x industry. At the same time, the strong information and communication industry foundation also provides sufficient conditions for the commercialization of China’s c-v2x. Qcomm technologies is pleased to be able to participate in China’s c-v2x application demonstration for three consecutive years. Through our groundbreaking product portfolio, we have cooperated with a wide range of Chinese automotive ecosystem suppliers to accelerate the scale commercial pace of c-v2x, face road safety and traffic efficiency, and jointly open a new era of intelligent networked vehicles. “

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