Qatar Airways has made some significant progress in VR in the past year. After cooperating with Rolls Royce for VR training in April 2019, the airline is integrating this technology into its customer experience service. As of mid February, Qatar Airways has provided VR experience service in its on-board entertainment products.

With VR head display, passengers can try a new on-board entertainment experience. According to the online media runway girl network, the on-board entertainment system is designed for qsuite and business class passengers on flights from Doha to Singapore and London.

“We are very happy to work with Qatar Airways, which is a transformator in the aviation industry and always puts customer interests first,” said molitz Engeler, CEO of inflight VR Qatar Airways’ on-board entertainment system is provided by inflight VR, a Munich based company that mainly serves the tourism and leisure industries.

At present, Qatari Airlines has carried out business with a number of well-known airlines and other tourism companies, including Iberia, SunExpress, Star Alliance and flixbus.

Qatar Airways to launch on-board VR entertainment experience service

For Iberia, each aircraft can get 21 VR head displays provided by inflight VR and a six-month trial period. These VR head displays are available on Routes From Madrid, Spain to New York, Miami and Tel Aviv, Israel. Business class and economy class passengers can rent the equipment for a small fee.

Iberia said that the utilization rate of VR head display is very high, and passengers are very satisfied after experiencing VR head display. Some passengers experience VR head display for five hours. Inflight VR said that its cooperation with Iberia Airlines has entered the next stage. The two companies are providing VR head displays for business class on some routes and lounges in Madrid.

The introduction of VR experience on the plane will provide airlines with more advantages. Passengers can enjoy immersive entertainment experience, while airlines can save the cost of installing a complete entertainment system on the plane. Compared with the complete entertainment system, the onboard weight of VR head display is significantly reduced, and airlines can save a lot of fuel.

Of course, in order to make VR entertainment experience become normal, we need to overcome many challenges, including the need to disinfect the VR head display after each flight, and to show the correct use method to the passengers who do not know how to use the VR head display.


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