According to the third quarter of 2019 China   5G   According to the smartphone market report, vivo   Samsung and Huawei, with 54.3% of the market share and 29.0% and 9.5% of the market share, lead China’s 5g smartphone market in the third quarter of 2019. Hu Baishan, executive vice president and chief operating officer of vivo, answered the question in an interview with Qualcomm.

Hu Baishan said that, first of all, vivo’s layout in 5g technology research and development is early enough. Vivo has been involved in the 5g standardization of 3GPP since 2016, and is currently one of the largest terminal companies contributing to 3GPP technology; At the same time, 5g related technology research and development including antenna and RF key technology has been carried out in advance, and more than 2000 5g patents have been applied in recent years.

At the same time, vivo has established five production bases around the world, with an annual production capacity of hundreds of millions of intelligent terminals. Through the “foundation” investment, vivo keeps ahead in technology research and development, standardization and manufacturing, all of which are ready for vivo’s rapid entry into 5g mobile phone market.

On the other hand, domestic consumers want newer and more advanced technologies and products, so vivo is trying to promote the popularity of 5g terminals. As the first brand to launch 5g mobile phone in China, vivo listens to the real needs of consumers, provides more choices for consumers by launching different types and styles of products, and also allows more consumers to connect to the faster and broader 5g world through vivo’s products and services.

Generally speaking, “entering the first echelon of 5g mobile phones” is not the driving force, but the result of mission driven, vivo buried itself in the cause. What vivo really cares about is consumer demand. In the 5g era, vivo will continue to launch 5g mobile phones that surprise consumers. As a world-famous technology company, vivo should actively lead and boost the maturity of industry technology and industry chain, and let consumers experience better and more mature 5g products and services.

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