For business people, the professional nature makes them often need to carry and use laptops in the open office environment such as transportation, hotel, exhibition site, etc. Therefore, excellent portability has become their main demand when purchasing notebook equipment. ASUS Linglong II has an ultra-thin body with a weight of 990g and a thickness of 14.9mm, which is extremely portable. It is equipped with the 10th generation Intel & amp; 174 core Gamma I7 processor, up to 4tb PCIe × 4 SSD, can be easily controlled no matter how many tasks; excellent keyboard and touch panel design, so that each input can be efficient and accurate.

Pursuit of lightweight portable and business office? How about this ASUS smart II

Magnesium lithium alloy body, extremely light and thin, but nothing

A good business notebook must have a light enough body. The ad surface of ASUS Linglong II notebook computer is made of CNC integrated magnesium lithium alloy, which is about 20% lighter than the common magnesium aluminum alloy on the market, which makes the body weight of Linglong II only about 990 g, which is one of the lightest 14 inch commercial military regulation notes at present. The A-side is designed with star black shading, which is noble and elegant. It is only 14.9mm thick, so that users can easily put it into the backpack and attack gracefully at any time.

If you want to be easy and portable, it’s not enough to have an extremely thin fuselage. Long term endurance is the fundamental guarantee. ASUS Linglong II laptop is equipped with 66whr high-capacity long-term lithium polymer battery, which can last for 24 hours under ideal conditions. It also supports efficient and fast charging function. It can be fully charged in one hour to ensure that the office is online at any time.

High end hardware configuration, surging performance and strong power

In addition to the lightweight and portable fuselage and long-term endurance, ASUS Linglong II notebook computer also has a strong hardware configuration. It is equipped with the 10th generation intel core ™ I7-10510u processor, four core and eight thread design, supports one key wake-up high-performance turbo mode, with the highest frequency up to 4.9ghz, continuous output of surging power, with 16GB lpddr3 2133mhz high-frequency memory, no matter how many work can be easily controlled. In terms of storage, ASUS Linglong II notebook computer is equipped with dual SSD slot design, which can support 4tb PCIe × 4 SSD, fully meeting the needs of high-end business people for storage space and read-write speed.

The stronger the hardware performance, the higher the requirement of heat dissipation. In terms of heat dissipation, ASUS Linglong II notebook computer adopts Linglong cicada wing heat dissipation system. The integrated metal fan has 59 inclined aluminum pieces, and the heat dissipation area is expanded by 30%. In addition, the graphite cooling with larger area can keep calm at all times under high load.

Excellent keyboard design, comfortable and precise input experience

As a high-end business notebook, comfortable input experience is indispensable. ASUS Linglong II laptop has an excellent anti splash backlit keyboard, which can effectively resist water and has no impact on typing at night. In addition, the key range of ASUS Linglong II keyboard is 1.5mm, and the keycap curve is 0.15mm. Each fingertip contact is very comfortable and the input experience is excellent.

In terms of touch control board, ASUS Linglong II notebook computer is equipped with a new ASUS numberpad 2.0 touch control board, which is made of high-precision glass material. When activated, it can switch cursors at will, and one touch can be used for two purposes. This effectively solves the regret that there is no digital keyboard on the thin one.

The extremely thin body is equipped with a large capacity lithium battery that supports efficient and fast charging, strong hardware with outstanding heat dissipation system, excellent anti splash backlight keyboard and numberpad 2.0 one touch touch touch control board. ASUS Linglong II notebook computer can be described as a powerful performance, balanced color, and is the first choice for business people to accelerate their mobile office.


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