With the rise of e-commerce and the impact of the epidemic, the traditional retail industry has declined, and digital and intelligent operations will become the key for many brands to gain a firm foothold in the market. The domestic well-known fashion retail chain brand “hotwind” integrating design, selection and sales, has joined forces with Purdue Robotics to keep pace with the times and adopt intelligent means to reshape the operation mode of fashion fast-moving consumer goods and create a new A new experience in fashion shopping and consumption!

In the “hotwind” store in Wanda Mall, South China City, Longgang District, Shenzhen, five special “waiters” are waiting in line. They are two Purdue robots “Bella” and three Purdue distribution welcome robots “Hulu”. Save more energy to treat each customer’s individual needs carefully, which truly embodies the brand culture of “Thoughtful, Immediate Response, and Giving You What You Need”.

As “all-rounders in marketing”, the “Hulus” are responsible for automatic cruise, brand advertising information promotion, attracting new customers, and store guidance in the “hotwind” store, constantly optimizing the customer’s consumption experience with a new marketing and service model . In the middle of the fuselage, there is a “hulu” with a super large advertising screen. During the cruising process, advertisements such as brand discounts and new products are played in turn. Its high-tech attributes and beautiful appearance have attracted the attention of many customers. Compared with traditional publicity methods such as distributing leaflets and manpower yelling, “Hulu”‘s high-tech publicity method has a wider reach and more accurate marketing, and it also greatly saves labor costs for stores.

Especially during the peak period of passenger flow, “Bella” and “Hulu” are in charge of delivering goods, transporting the goods that customers fancy from the warehouse to the front hall, avoiding the need for service personnel to add extra goods when the manpower is already tight. The workload has improved the customer’s sense of experience and satisfaction, greatly driving the store’s consumer popularity and enhancing customer stickiness.

Today, more and more offline retail businesses are beginning to use technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to realize digital and intelligent operations. The cooperation between “hotwind” and Purdue Robotics is an excellent embodiment of using technology to empower the real economy to rejuvenate and develop. Purdue Technology will continue to uphold the corporate mission of “using robots to improve the efficiency of human production and life” to help the real economy Reshape the core competitiveness, promote the layout of digital intelligence, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win!

Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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