In recent years, we can clearly perceive that the performance of mobile phones is getting stronger and stronger, but battery technology stagnates, and battery life has become the most troublesome problem of intelligent products.

At present, manufacturers solve the problem of mobile phone battery life. On the one hand, they shorten the charging time through fast charging, and on the other hand, they launch charging treasure and other products to improve the comprehensive battery life of mobile phones.

At present, the power bank can be regarded as “one for each person”. So, how to buy a charging treasure?

Purchase guide of power bank in 2021

We have collected the product information of charging treasure and believe that the purchase of charging treasure should be evaluated from four aspects: cell and battery capacity, whether there is protection circuit, fast charging compatibility and appearance.

Cell and battery capacity determine safety and charge discharge performance

For the power bank, safety always comes first. The safety performance of the power bank is largely determined by the power cell of the power bank.

There are two main types of rechargeable treasure cell, one is 18650 cell, and the other is lithium ion polymer cell.

Among them, 18650 cells are columnar and similar to No. 5 battery in appearance. This battery has good puncture resistance and deformation resistance due to hard shell protection.

However, in extreme cases, accidents such as explosion are easy to occur; The appearance design of lithium ion polymer cell has no hard shell protection, and the safety factor is worse than 18650.

Of course, there will be no accidents in the daily use of rechargeable treasure that meets the national standards. We especially need to pay attention to the usage habits of rechargeable treasure in our daily life.

The capacity of lithium ion polymer cell determines the service time of mobile power supply. But for charging Bora, is it true that the larger the capacity, the better?

I’m afraid that’s not the case. Many places have introduced regulations to restrict the carrying of high-capacity rechargeable treasure. If the capacity is too large, it may not be possible to bring on planes, subways and other means of transportation; Moreover, it’s not portable to carry a “brick” power bank with you when you go out.

We recommend 10000mah-20000mah power bank capacity. The power bank with battery capacity in this range can balance the portable and actual charging capacity.

Protection circuit to further improve the safety of charging treasure

The main function of the protection circuit is to further ensure the safety of the charging treasure.

The protection circuit core of the general charging treasure consists of a protection IC and a power transistor. The function of the protection IC is to detect whether the charging treasure is overcharged / over discharged, and detect the surrounding temperature; The power transistor is mainly used to prevent the battery from overcharging and discharging.

Generally speaking, charging with protection circuit is more valuable than charging treasure without protection circuit. For the power bank brand, the protection circuit is often the focus of publicity materials. Look at several official posters of different brands, I believe you will have the answer.

Fast charging compatibility, decided to cover mobile phone brands

With smart phone wired fast charging on the stage, compatible mobile phone fast charging has also become one of the important selling points of charging treasure.

Charging treasure that can be sold at a high price can not only support the output of many fast charging protocols, but also rely on third-party fast charging.

At present, fast charging protocols compatible with third-party charging treasure generally include apple2.4a, PD, QC, AFC, etc. In fact, a charging bank compatible with apple2.4a, PD and QC can realize fast charging for many mobile phones.

However, some brands of smart phones will launch enterprise private fast charging protocols, which may not be compatible with the above protocols. If such users have requirements for charging speed, they may wish to buy corresponding brand charging treasure.

People are visual animals, and appearance is also the key point of purchase

Appearance is also one of the key points of power bank purchase. The appearance material of mainstream charging treasure is generally plastic or metal. Plastic material has good portability, no ice cold feeling when holding it, and the appearance is not high enough;

Metal material has high appearance and is not resistant to scratching. It will have obvious ice cold feeling when used in winter, and has better flame retardancy than plastic material.

Different people have different opinions on appearance and material. I prefer plastic material. After all, I don’t want the metal shell to scratch other equipment.

Conclusion: capacity, safety and fast charging shall be comprehensively considered in the purchase of power bank

A little observation of the mainstream charging treasure in the market can find the change of market wind direction. First, capacity is no longer the only measure of the power bank; Secondly, security can be said to be the most important selling point of charging treasure category;

Moreover, most of the time, the power bank serves mobile phones, and fast charging has become a product element that can not be ignored.

We checked some important parameters of the power bank. As an emergency product, the power bank + mobile phone meets the user’s one-day endurance, which is no problem.

If the power requirements of the power bank are high, if possible, the wired / wireless charging experience is much better than the power bank.

Finally, we suggest: do not be greedy for small and cheap, buy three no charging treasure, and beware of charging safety.

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