Now, the news of various smart phone charging explosions is heard all over the world. Regardless of whether it is the “Big Bang” Samsung Galaxy note 7 or the occasional rush of various generations of iPhones, now we finally feel the threat of smart phones in terms of security.

In fact, if the charging method is incorrect or unscientific, excessive current and voltage will cause the fuselage to heat up or even burn and explode. Is there any way to prevent it?

In addition to using original or officially certified charging devices, we can also take a look at this prufen smart USB cable that started crowdfunding on KickStarter. Prufen has the function of automatically stopping charging in case of overheating to prevent power overload or strong current impact. It can even be used to detect whether the battery capacity of our mobile power supply or smart phone is consistent with the label.

Prufen is the world’s first data cable with safe charging protection function. Through the built-in sensor and LED display, the temperature, voltage and current of the cable during current charging can be displayed. If any index exceeds the safe value, prufen will automatically cut off power and stop charging.

In addition, prufen can also display the current and electric quantity through the data line in real time, so that we can see how much electric energy has been charged into the battery, and can be used to detect whether our mobile power capacity is consistent with the label.

How about this prufen smart USB cable? Is it quite attractive and interesting for Virgo friends who pay more attention to security?

At present, prufen intelligent USB data cable has started to raise money on KickStarter. The goal of raising money is $200000, and the price of zaoniao is from $26 (about RMB 180). If everything goes well, it is expected to be shipped in February 2017. Interested friends may as well hurry to support it.

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