Recently, the foundation of Gan RF and power device project was started. The project has a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, covering an area of 111.35 mu. It will be implemented in two phases. The project is expected to achieve annual sales of more than 3 billion yuan after the project is completed. It can further promote the new generation of integrated circuit semiconductor industry in Jiaxing.

The relevant person in charge of the project of the construction party said that after the construction of the project started on March 30 this year, the construction party has carried out the site leveling, setting out and positioning, and has entered the stage of pile foundation construction today. The construction period of the first phase of the project is 16 months and will be completed on July 1 next year.

In the first quarter of this year, Jiaxing Science and technology city realized the acceleration of investment, with fixed assets investment of 2.06 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of more than 30%. At present, 32 second industry projects are under construction. Before May, there are still 3-4 projects that will start construction after completing the procedures.

According to the relevant person in charge of the science and Technology Development Bureau of Jiaxing Science and Technology City Management Committee, the main reason for such good results is that the science and technology city has implemented precise project recruitment, focusing on the investment promotion of leading industries such as integrated circuit, intelligent equipment and biological medicine. In the first quarter, it signed a contract to introduce 10 billion level projects in the R & D and industrialization of high-end preparations of Arthur bio. In terms of project promotion, each project is responsible by a specially assigned person to help enterprises solve practical problems and difficulties, and promote according to the time node. At the same time, the municipal and district government departments also gave full support, so the project recruitment and project promotion speed are relatively fast.

It is understood that gallium nitride is a third generation of high band gap width semiconductor materials, which can be widely used in 5g communication base station, intelligent mobile terminal, Internet of things, military industry and space, data center and other fields. At present, gallium nitride is a short chip resource, 90% of domestic demand depends on imports, and it is urgent to produce alternative products in China.

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