As a powerful tool for networked distribution of digital surveillance, NVR is a device that realizes recording and storage of network digital video, and has always been valued by security equipment manufacturers. Works great in the recorder. As the latest NVR launched by Blue Star, it integrates a number of high-tech, such as video and audio codec, dual-stream playback, embedded system, storage, network and intelligence, etc. Can be networked to form a powerful security system.

Classic design interface is rich

The Blue Star BSR-NR9100H-CF series video compression recorder adopts a standard 2U chassis design (440×88×464mm), with a simple and elegant appearance, and adopts a black varnished metal shell, which is sturdy and scratch-resistant. The NVR panel has various indicators, and can be connected to an external mouse, U disk, mobile hard disk, etc.

The rear panel of the machine is rich in interfaces, including intercom input/output interface, alarm interface, adaptive Ethernet port, etc., which can meet various application requirements. The power consumption of the whole machine is ≤30W, the working temperature is 10℃~﹢55℃, the working humidity is less than 90%, and the weight is ≤7.0Kg. On the whole, the machine is square and light, with flexible installation methods, supporting both desktop and cabinet methods Install.

Mass storage responded well

In terms of storage capacity, Blue Star BSR-NR9100H-CF series video compression recorders provide 8 SATA interfaces and a single disk storage capacity (10T). The maximum storage capacity of the machine can reach 80TB, which can fully meet the current high-definition and massive video Daily storage application requirements for data.

The main processor of the machine adopts an industrial-grade embedded microcontroller, and is equipped with an embedded Linux real-time operating system.

The NVR supports up to 4 channels of 8MP/16 channels of 1080P source code stream compression, supports 12MP/8MP/6MP/5MP/3MP/1080P/720P full HD network cameras, network speed ball and network video server H.265, H.264 encoding front-end Adaptive access, widely used, to meet the needs of various scenarios.

The management interface is simple and easy to operate

After the NVR is turned on, the displayed main menu interface is simple and easy to operate. It is divided into four parts: preview, playback, information and system. The system module includes local settings, local information, channel management, stream code configuration, overlay configuration, image configuration, alarm management, storage management, etc. The following figure shows the screen for realizing the area enhancement function in the image configuration function.

In the image adjustment function, you can adjust image parameters, backlight compensation, and video angle.

When querying recorded videos, users can choose different playback methods according to different needs:

After comparison, the high-definition video presented locally through HDMI after NVR processing, the video definition is almost the same as the video source, the definition is not attenuated, and the original color is basically restored.

Ultra HD Compressed Video High Fidelity Clear Imaging

In the test of ultra-high-definition compression, the effect of this machine is better than that of similar products in the industry. On the one hand, the image quality of the video source after being compressed and processed by NVR codec is excellent. In the test, the author compares the real-time video resolution presented by the client with the video source. The result is that the image quality of the two is basically the same. The HDMI port of the motherboard and the output of the decoder board, compared with the video source, its picture quality and display effect are also better. On the other hand, in the playback video, the video recording clarity, color reproduction, etc. can achieve the effect of the video source. , no attenuation was observed.

In addition, the NVR supports remote zero-channel preview. When the client logs in to the recorder for remote preview, the client can choose to preview the zero-channel (through this channel, the real-time image displayed locally by the recorder can be monitored), which can effectively reduce the occupation of bandwidth and fully obtain monitoring image information while saving bandwidth costs.

In the actual measurement, the main stream resolution is set to 1920×1080p, and the video bit rate is 4096Kbps. The effect diagram is shown in the following figure:

Image rendered by the main stream

In the actual measurement, the sub-stream resolution is set to 704×780p, and the video bit rate is 1024Kbps.

The effect diagram is shown in the following figure:

The image rendered by the substream

The Blue Interstellar recorder performs well in the same type of 2U recorder. Not only supports real-time preview, video playback, video download and other compression functions, and the compression rate can reach up to 90%. The machine supports three compression formats: Auto, H.264, and H.265. In actual measurement, when the video compression format is set to H.265, the video bit rate is 1024Kbps, the captured video picture is clear, the video fluency is high, and The video delay is less than 1 second, and the freeze is small.

Rendered image under compression channel

Rich functions and strong compatibility

The camera supports the plug-and-play function of the network, and can be connected to the network cameras of many mainstream manufacturers at home and abroad that meet the ONVIF and GB28181 standards with one click. There is no need to re-authenticate users and passwords. The addition is convenient and fast, and the interface is friendly. Require. In addition, the VGA and HDMI output of the machine can be synchronized, and the video output resolution can reach 1920X1080 and 4K respectively, with obvious film and television effects. The IP channel has dual-stream function and supports 8-megapixel preview, recording and playback. The machine also has two-way voice intercom, JPEG snapshot and dynamic detection functions. During dynamic detection, each screen can be set up with multiple detection areas, and multi-level sensitivity can be set, which is highly practical.

The video output of the machine adopts two decoding methods, H.264 and H.265. When the front end adopts the H.264 decoding method to access, the output can reduce the storage space by half on the original basis, which is used for system integration, transformation and upgrade applications. Bring convenience and benefits. And when viewing the images of each network point in the monitoring center, the NVR can compress 16 channels of high-definition video at the same time, which not only ensures the picture quality while reducing the bandwidth by 90%, but also solves the problem of video preview stuck under the bandwidth. In addition, the network video access bandwidth of the machine can reach up to 192Mbps, support up to 32 channels of high-definition network video full real-time digital channel preview and recording, and support 16 channels of synchronous playback. It also has a variety of backup methods such as USB, network backup, local hard disk backup, etc. It supports timing backup function and redundant video recording function to ensure safe data storage.

feature of product:

1. The industry’s first “dual stream playback” technology, which not only ensures the quality of the video picture but also solves the problem of video freeze in remote monitoring;

2. Strong video compression ability, smooth and clear video can be obtained under different video decoding format tests, and the video delay is less than 1 second, and the captured picture is basically the same as the video source;

3. 80TB large-capacity storage to meet the daily storage of massive video data;

4. Support 12MP/8MP/6MP/5MP/3MP/1080P/720P full HD network camera, network dome and network video server H.265, H.264 encoding front-end adaptive access;

5. Fully supports ONVIF protocol, which can realize audio and video access and configuration, alarm and event access, PTZ control and other functions;

6. Fully support bird’s-eye view operation, while watching partial zoom, you can also bird’s eye view and control the global video;

7. Support remote zero-channel preview, fully obtain monitoring image information and save network transmission bandwidth.

Expert Reviews:

Blue Star BSR-NR9100H-CF series video compression recorder is a complete set of video surveillance system, which not only has traditional monitoring, recording and linkage functions, but also expands new video technology, and also has the industry’s first “dual code” “Streaming playback” technology not only solves the problem of remote narrowband review of high-definition video, but also solves the problem of high-definition application. The compressed video image quality is clear, and the video is smooth and not stuck. This machine is suitable for all kinds of monitoring places with high requirements for video definition, multi-channel high-definition video monitoring storage, and limited bandwidth, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, smart communities, warehouses, airports, stations, docks, etc. Wait.

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