1 Overview

Compared with the vigorous development and maturity of foreign civil security, the domestic video surveillance field occupies the vast majority of the market share with “project level” and “industry level” applications. However, there are more than one billion consumers and more than 400 million households in China. Facing the cruel competition in the traditional video surveillance market and the further optimization of relevant chips and solutions, more and more security manufacturers are involved in the field of civil video surveillance. And because the household video surveillance products are easy to install and operate flexibly, and have various characteristics of consumer electronic products, they are also called “consumer video surveillance”.

The market scale of consumer video surveillance is expanding year by year, and the product types are diversified and simplified. At present, when the integration of upstream and downstream resources has not been completed, it is not only the competition object of traditional security manufacturers, but also attracted coveted by Internet, home appliance enterprises and operators.

Compared with the traditional security industry market, the civil security market is more inclined to meet the needs of ordinary consumers. After visiting Huaqiangbei electronic market, the most important distribution center of consumer electronic products, we came to the conclusion that the video surveillance camera for home use must have video playback, smooth picture, simple and easy app, can be controlled by mobile phone, and can realize the function of remote access and control of the Internet. According to this requirement, we specially selected some products in the electronic market, and there are not many products that can meet the above conditions. This test specially selected a product with good reputation and performance in the market (hereinafter referred to as Jiwei era IPC), which adopts the Jiwei scheme that occupies the absolute mainstream in the market.

Technical solutions for security electronic market household network cameras are popular

2 use connection

2.1 comparison of WiFi setting simplicity

First, download the app application according to the mobile phone type, complete the registration and log in to the app according to the prompt.

The way of adding devices to app is simple and clear in Jiwei era. Although there are many ways of adding cameras of many brands in the market, it makes people feel a little unable to start. Let’s first experience the intelligent online adding devices of IPC in Jiwei era.

IPC intelligent online process in Jiwei Era

This operation is very simple. Just enter the WiFi password and click next to automatically search and add all cameras covered by WiFi. At this step, careful people should be able to notice that there is a line of red letters here to prompt the password for creating the camera for the first time. The author feels that this is very considerate, which ensures the privacy and security of users. In addition, a brand IPC can add monitoring directly with the default password. Previously, there have been various security incidents such as logging in through the initial password and embedding script files, and then hijacking and damaging device firmware and stealing video information, which has brought huge hidden dangers to consumers’ privacy safety belts.

Many civilian cameras on the market have acoustic configuration to add cameras. Next, let’s introduce the acoustic configuration of a household camera of the same type in the market. We first set up WiFi and then reset the camera. Make the camera send out sound wave link to pair the camera, then follow the prompt to carry out 3 steps to send sound wave for configuration, and then add it successfully. After several operations, it is found that the camera can not be connected sometimes because the sound wave is greatly affected by the outside world and is vulnerable to noise. Personally, I feel that this process is slightly cumbersome and the stability is poor. Then let’s try the wireless device (AP direct connection). This operation is still relatively simple. The addition of the device is completed after searching, but it can’t be connected when it’s more than ten meters away from the device, and this function basically becomes a chicken rib. However, the product has corresponding voice guidance at every step here until the user successfully connects the device. IPC in Jiwei era lacks control of details in this regard.

2.2 connection buffer test of Telecom external network environment:

Test results:

Test conclusion:

In the era of Jiwei, the time it takes for IPC to watch real-time video after it is powered on is 48S. Whether it is the self-test time (generally, the self-test time of a household camera of the same type in the market is about 60s), the connection speed and buffer time are very fast, which ensure better timeliness of video connection, and basically achieve instantaneous connection and easy browsing.

3 remote access

3.1 remote viewing by different network operators

test result

Test conclusion:

It can be seen from the table that the networks commonly used by IPC in the era of Jiwei can be used normally, but a household camera of the same type in the market can hardly view images normally under the network environment of great wall and Tietong. It is understood that relying on the background advantages of the communication industry, the era of Jiwei applies the industry-leading Jiwei Zhiyun P2P technology to the consumer webcam, which can easily penetrate the multi-level routing and truly realize the worry free penetration of the whole network.

3.2 external network connection delay and fluency test

Connection delay test of telecommunication external network environment:

test result

Test conclusion:

Video surveillance is a key function of home network camera. Network delay and video fluency are often the focus of users’ attention. It can be calculated from the above table that the average delay of IPC in Jiwei era is 3850ms (3.85s). Generally, the delay of a household camera of the same type in the market is about 15s. Relatively speaking, the real-time performance of IPC video in Jiwei era is better; Xiaobian switches his mobile phone to 3G network to watch video. Jiwei era IPC can still transmit 720P HD pictures very smoothly, which is also an important factor for the store to highly recommend Jiwei era IPC, which can help users achieve worry free control anytime and anywhere.

Telecommunication extranet environment connectivity fluency test:

High definition real-time picture of IPC external network in Jiwei Era

HD real-time picture of a household IPC external network of the same type in the market

From the above two high-definition real-time images in the telecom extranet environment, the video contrast of IPC in Jiwei era is higher, the color is realistic, the whole picture is clear and smooth, and the moving objects have only slight drag shadow. However, a civil camera on the market has more serious drag shadow and Caton, with slightly higher brightness and poor image permeability. In terms of clarity, IPC is slightly better in the era of technology and prestige.

4 voice intercom

Voice intercom is a very important part in the field of home cameras. The traditional security IPC blindly pursues high-definition image quality and ignores communication function and voice effect. With the background of communication industry, Jiwei era has a deep technical accumulation in audio processing. Jiwei era IPC adopts noise suppression and echo cancellation technology to realize full duplex voice intercom.

Click the picture microphone icon to conduct voice intercom. Compare and test voice bidirectional function:

5 alarm push

We also pay close attention to the problem of home cameras, that is, alarm push; If the alarm push is not handled well, it will make users very upset, and users will often be troubled by false positives. We turn on both cameras to conduct alarm test:

test result

Test conclusion:

It can be seen from the test results that both products can accurately send out alarm push under the condition of normal character movement. However, when small objects move and light changes, IPC in Jiwei era can avoid false positives, indicating that IPC’s motion detection algorithm in Jiwei era is more accurate, so as to reduce the trouble caused by false positives to users.

6 Summary

This household shaking machine of Jiwei era has performed well in the whole test and is one of the best choices for home care. In terms of experience, it is extremely considered for users: initial password setting, intelligent online, timely connection, real-time video and fluency all let users worry free. The effect of voice intercom is excellent. Using noise suppression and echo elimination technology, it can achieve full duplex voice intercom and realize perfect intercom communication; Mobile detection has unique ingenuity, shielding the influence of light, small animals and other false alarm factors, timely push and more accurate alarm. The only regret is that there is no voice prompt when the product is connected. We can only connect and use the camera through the sound prompt. We look forward to the launch of more perfect products in the era of Jiwei.

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