means of preparation

Scanner, board copying software, Photoshop Image Processing Software

Method steps

Introduction to the resolution, size scale and naming of pictures

The recommended scan size scale is 1:1. The scanner resolution is set above 600dpi, and the output format is BMP format, which is the best. Then it can be directly imported into the board copying software without setting the resolution again. The scanned image is named according to the name of PCB board layer. For example, the top layer is named top BMP, the bottom layer is named bottom BMP, the middle layer can follow mid1, mid2, mid3 Naming. This naming method is not easy to be confused. The board layer is very clear. In the future, you can quickly find the picture of that layer by comparing it with a certain time.

Image processing

After the picture is scanned, it needs to be processed with the picture processing software. The unprocessed pictures can not easily use the scanned pictures. Just a few simple image processing commands. Here we use Photoshop Image processing software. Measure the actual size of the circuit board with a caliper or steel ruler before processing the picture.

a. Cut off the excess. Click the cut tool icon with the mouse

b. Then use the left mouse button to select the part to be cut, and then release the left mouse button

c. Select the image size. The set size shall be consistent with the actual measured size


d. Save as

e. BMP format is selected as the file saving format. The file name is the best layer for PCB installation

f. If it is a picture on the back, you need to select horizontal flip.

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