What is a solar wafer

Silicon chip is a large piece of silicon cut into pieces of solar cells. Generally, the mainstream is that silicon chips are made into crystalline silicon solar cells, or there are other solar cells: thin-film solar cells, amorphous silicon solar cells, concentrating solar cells, etc.

Solar silicon wafers are used after the energy from solar energy is converted into kinetic energy. They have a wide range of applications and are relatively energy-saving. They can be used with confidence.

Solar wafer effect

Since the energy of photons irradiates the electron hole position in the semiconductor pn junction composed of silicon and germanium, the electrons will jump, thus generating a voltage in the semiconductor silicon at both ends. If the voltage forms a circuit, it will generate a current. Banded polycrystalline silicon: the polycrystalline strip is directly pulled out from the silicon liquid as the bulk material of the battery, and then cut into a square solar cell substrate by laser. It does not need mechanical cutting and can save half of the silicon material.

Production process of solar silicon wafer

1. cutting and rounding

Cut the silicon single crystal round bar into silicon single crystal quasi square bar according to the size requirements, and round the four corners of the cut quasi square bar with a roller mill.

2. pickling

Put the qualified silicon single crystal square bar into the prepared acid solution to remove the surface impurities and make it clean for the next process.

3. viscose

Bond the clean silicon single crystal quasi square bar to the workpiece plate.

4. slicing

The bonded silicon single crystal quasi square bar is installed on the cutting station of the slicer and cut into pieces by setting the process parameters.

5. clean degumming

Pre clean the cut silicon wafer to remove impurities such as cutting fluid attached to the surface, and degumm the pre cleaned silicon wafer.

6. ultrasonic cleaning

Insert the degummed silicon chip into the silicon chip box and put it into the ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning.

7. drying

Insert the silicon wafer box after ultrasonic cleaning into the drying station of the dryer, and dry its surface by centrifugation and heating.

8. inspection film packaging

The silicon wafer shall be inspected, including appearance, thickness, resistivity, TTV and warpage, and the inspected silicon wafer shall be classified and packaged according to grade and delivery type.

Is solar silicon radiation toxic

Silicon wafer is a kind of toxic and highly radioactive chemical substance. At present, 156000 transistors can be integrated on silicon chips with large grains of rice. However, the processed finished silicon wafer is not toxic. Only in welding, the solder will contain lead, which is toxic. But in the production process, it will pollute and radiate a lot.

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