With the development of science and technology and social progress, people’s material and cultural life has become more and more rich. More and more attention has been paid to the health level of life, so a lot of equipment and equipment are produced to help people test the health standard, so as to meet people’s demand for beauty. Automatic height measurement instrument is an obvious example. As we all know, height and weight tester can be divided into electronic sensor measurement and ultrasonic measurement due to different measurement methods. The following small network of industrial mining to tell you about the height and weight tester based on ultrasound.

We take primary and secondary school students as an example, in the majority of primary and secondary school students in the growth and development period, height will change significantly. Therefore, many students like to compare their height with their classmates after class. But the general classroom is impossible to measure the height of the instrument, so students can only roughly know who is tall and who is short, and can not accurately know the exact data of their height. In view of the above problems, the principle and application of ultrasonic height measurement are briefly introduced.

The principle of ultrasonic height measurement

Ultrasonic sensor is developed by using the characteristics of ultrasonic wave. Taking ultrasonic wave as detection means, it is necessary to generate and receive ultrasonic wave. The device to complete this function is ultrasonic sensor. Therefore, the ultrasonic height measurement instrument is based on the characteristics of ultrasonic reflection from obstacles. The ultrasonic transmitter sends ultrasonic wave to a certain direction, and starts timing at the same time of launching. When ultrasonic wave propagates in the air, it will return immediately when encountering obstacles, and the ultrasonic receiver will immediately stop timing when receiving the reflected wave. The time difference between transmitting ultrasonic wave and receiving echo is measured by detecting the echo reflected by obstacles after transmitting the generated wave. The distance of the measured object can be calculated by S = VT / 2.

Since ultrasonic wave is also a kind of sound wave, its sound velocity V is related to temperature. The following table lists the sound velocity at different temperatures.

In use, if the temperature changes little, the sound velocity can be considered to be basically constant. If the accuracy of height measurement is very high, it should be corrected by temperature compensation. In addition, because of its strong directivity, slow energy consumption and long propagation distance in the medium, ultrasound is often used for distance measurement. The use of ultrasonic height detection network recommended, the United States senix toughsonic 14 ultrasonic sensor.

The toughsonic 14 ultrasonic sensor has a detection distance of 14 feet (4.3 meters). Like all toughsonic sensors, it is rugged and easy to use in harsh industrial environments. It’s completely submersible, corrosion resistant, impact resistant, and tough. It can also be fully configured using our senixview software. Toughsonic 14s includes our famous “teach” feature for button configuration.

In a word, with the rapid development of science and technology, ultrasound will be more and more widely used in height measuring instrument. However, as far as the current level of technology is concerned, the specific use of height measurement technology is still very limited. Therefore, this is a booming technology and industry with unlimited prospects.

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