Sulfur dioxide (SO2 testing machine because of its particularity, before use, we must have some necessary matters, such as sulfur dioxide gas, etc. .

The buyer shall be responsible for this part and prepare it before using the sulfur dioxide testing machine

Preparation of sulfur dioxide testing machine before use

1. Note: ensure the voltage and frequency variation range of the equipment performance: voltage AC 220 V ± 5% v;

2. Water for preparation of test solution: Deionized water or distilled water (the first preparation volume must be more than 20L) or water with conductivity above 10us / cm must be used;

3. Heating water for laboratory and pressure barrel (if automatic water adding is connected, tap shall be installed near the machine and the water pressure shall be no less than 2kgf / cm2; if water is added manually, water can be pumped on site);

Note: the heating water in the laboratory should be neutral, not acidic or alkaline, so as not to affect the test results

4. Test the spray gas and connect the compressed air entrance of the machine to the compressed air source of 2kgf/cm2 or more.

5. The drain hole on the wall and the left and right side of the wall should be open from the outside;

6. The gas used for sulfur dioxide test of the machine;

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