Precautions for using conference sound

1. It is strictly forbidden to unplug or plug the signal plug with electricity. So as not to damage the machine or speaker due to the impact.

2. In the sound system, pay attention to the sequence of power on and power off. When starting up, you should first turn on the sound source and other front-end equipment, and then turn on the power amplifier; When shutting down, turn off the power amplifier first, and then turn off the sound source and other front-end equipment. If the sound equipment has a volume knob, turn the volume knob down before turning it on or off. The purpose of this is to reduce the impact on the speaker when starting and shutting down.

3. If the machine makes an abnormal sound during operation, turn off the power immediately and stop using it. And ask experienced and qualified maintenance personnel to repair. Do not open the machine without authorization to avoid greater damage to the machine or electric shock accidents.

Precautions for conference audio maintenance

1. Clean the dust on the surface of the speaker with a towel dipped in warm water. Remember to wait until the water is completely dry before starting up. Turn the volume down when starting the machine, and then turn it on, and then tune it when starting the machine. When shutting down, yongyang first turns down the volume and then turns off the power. After playing at a high volume for a long time, the speaker will become very hot. Turn it off at this time to avoid accidents. Remember to turn off the switch and unplug the power plug when not in use for a long time. Always check whether there is noise in the sound. If there is a problem in the noise, you should find a professional to debug and maintain it in time.

2. The maintenance of power amplifier lies in the shutdown sequence and startup sequence, which is very important. Also remember to protect against moisture.

3. Microphone, people who like karaoke are all masters. For unsealed condenser microphones, try to find a sealed box, and put some moisture-proof beads in it to detect whether it is wet. If it is wet, dry it with a blower. Also avoid impact, which will short-circuit the microphone. Try to avoid hot plugging operation, that is, do not frequently unplug and plug when the microphone is powered on. Such large voltage fluctuations will not only affect the sound system, but also reduce the life of condenser microphones.

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