In modern life, electronic products are everywhere. It can be said that harness connector is a basic component often used in the electronic industry. Someone once made a vivid analogy: if the functions of microcomputer, sensor and actuator are compared to human body, it can be said that microcomputer is equivalent to human brain, sensor is equivalent to sensory organ, actuator is equivalent to motor organ, harness is nerve and blood vessel, and connector is the body connecting blood vessel and body.

The processing process of harness usually needs crimping. Generally, this kind of harness connector needs to have very stable performance, excellent mechanical performance, electrical performance and environmental performance, so as to ensure that it is not easy to cause poor contact or failure to connect in the process of harness crimping.

The harness connector manufacturer tells you what problems should be paid attention to in harness processing:

1. After crimping the harness connector, conduct appearance inspection and circuit unblocking inspection. The inspection items vary according to the model

2. When crimping, the closing height shall be correct, the crimping joint shall not have thread ends, and the air pressure shall be within the specified range

3. Connectors and wires shall meet relevant requirements and meet the requirements of the specification

4. Attention should also be paid to the depth of crimping. Some people think that it’s OK to touch it a little. In fact, different combination depths are different. If you don’t pay attention to it a little, it will lead to disqualification, resulting in unnecessary consequences.

In addition to paying attention to the details in the wire harness processing process, the quality of the wire harness connector itself is also directly related to the performance of the product. As a purchaser, we should not pay too much attention to the low price of the connector, but choose a high cost-effective and valuable connector. There is a saying: if you care about the quality, please respect its price. If you want to be cheap, Please accept its quality. In a very realistic sentence, after all, there is no unreasonable discount.

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