Power Management Devices Power Next-Generation Smarter, Smaller Satellites

TI’s high-reliability aerospace-grade power management devices help power the next generation of smarter, smaller satellites, enabling NASA engineers to better explore the universe. Our aerospace-grade power management devices help aerospace engineers power advanced on-board (airborne) computing platforms for space missions, while we make small satellites smarter, bringing artificial intelligence to autonomous spacecraft possibility.

After two years of flight, the space probe OSIRIS-REx successfully landed on the asteroid Bennu in August 2018, collecting samples of the material on its surface. The probe’s processor allows it to communicate with Earth by sending images to mission control so the NASA team can steer the spacecraft and determine a safe landing spot.

This is a tough task. Compared to the electronics we use in our daily lives, detectors have limited computing power due to size constraints and the harsh environment of space. OSIRIS-REx’s onboard (aircraft) vision processing and hazard avoidance system can only perform navigation updates every few minutes. Earth is 200 million miles away from Bennu, and it takes 18 minutes to transmit a signal, so it takes a long time for the two to communicate.

Yageo Launches AC Series, X5R and X6S High Capacitance MLCCs for Infotainment and Automotive Applications

Yageo, the world’s leading passive component supplier, recently launched the automotive-grade X6S and X5RAC series of high-capacitance MLCCs, including X5R/0402/1uF/6.3V, X5R/0805/2.2uF/50V and other high-demand products, as well as X6S /0201/100nF/10V. With this expansion, Yageo has completed the final step in providing a comprehensive automotive solution for MLCCs!

Electric vehicles drive the consumption of MLCCs. While the larger X7R and NPOMLCC can handle many of the tasks of an EV, the size and weight of the vehicle are also critical to power efficiency. Electric vehicles are also expected to bring more comfort and convenience features. Infotainment systems have become essential. In addition, the ADAS system also uses multiple MLCCs to detect, analyze and calculate rapidly changing data in a short period of time.

The AC X6S and AC X5R are AEC-Q200 qualified. In order to achieve a higher level of quality, Yageo has adopted high-quality raw materials, advanced special production lines, strengthened processing control, and automatic inspection of all lines and outgoing lines on the basis of existing production standards. X6S and X5R complete the last product series of NPO/ X7R/ X8R/ X8G, providing the most comprehensive automotive solution for MLCC.

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