SCHURTER has a long history in developing power input module (PEM), power input module with filter, power plug and power socket. Rc320 series rear protective cover can provide safety protection, which is a perfect supplement to SCHURTER’s existing accessory series.

The rear part of the power input module, electrical plug and socket adopts an open design. After adding the above protective cover, users can effectively prevent accidental contact with live terminals. In addition, the protective cover can also isolate dust and other possible pollutants, thus extending the service life of components.

The new rc320 rear protective cover includes 14 different models, which are made of flame retardant silicone rubber. The highest flame retardant level can reach ul94-v-0, which can not only withstand 150 ℃ ° C high temperature, while ensuring excellent adaptability and durability. This series of products are halogen-free and meet RoHS, China RoHS and reach standards.


Data sheet rc320

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