Recently, State Grid Nanjing power supply company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Tower Nanjing branch to further promote the co construction and sharing of the two national basic industries of power grid and communication, and jointly discuss to assist the “four new” action in Nanjing and build an energy Internet ecosystem.

Power grid + Communication Co Construction and sharing, helping Nanjing build energy Internet Ecological Circle

In April this year, the Nanjing municipal Party committee and government launched and implemented the “four new” action plans, including new infrastructure, new industries, new consumption and new city, to accelerate the cultivation of new driving forces for development. Nanjing power supply company has fully opened up the basic power resources for the communication industry, supported the development of 5g network construction, edge data center deployment, value-added operation of data products, and pressed the “fast forward” button for the new infrastructure.

At present, Nanjing power supply company has 300000 power tower resources and more than 6000 house site resources. The space, house and land resources of these station sites match perfectly with the current 5g and data center construction site requirements of operators. “According to the 10% sharing ratio, 84 million square meters of land acquisition can be reduced in Nanjing alone, which is equivalent to the area of 200 Nanjing Lukou International airports, bringing about 15 billion yuan of shared economic benefits to the society.” State Grid Nanjing power supply company Deputy General Manager Gao Shengyu said.

“In 2020, Nanjing mobile will invest 1.5 billion yuan to build 6800 5g base stations. It is expected that by the end of the year, 10 metro lines will be fully covered with 5g and the main urban areas will be fully covered, striving to become the top 10 5g construction benchmark cities and commercial demonstration cities in China.” Liu Jun, deputy general manager of Nanjing mobile, said.

“After the co construction and sharing cooperation with Nanjing power supply company, the construction period of 5g base station will be shortened by more than 95%, and the cost will be greatly reduced, which can meet more than 10% of the demand for 5g network construction in Nanjing, and will effectively solve the long-standing problem of site selection.” Nanjing tower deputy general manager Cheng Yi said.

Data center is another core element of the new infrastructure and an important part of this strategic cooperation. Shen Zhenyong, deputy general manager of Nanjing Telecom, said: “this year, Nanjing Telecom has been accelerating cloud network integration and is building the most powerful Internet data center in East China. Making full use of the power supply company’s substation, distribution room and other site resources to build data center and 5g node machine room will reduce the average site selection period by more than 3 months, improve the power supply reliability by 30%, truly realize the “uninterrupted” data center, and accelerate the construction of 5g smart city. “

It is understood that this cooperation not only includes the “sharing economy” of basic resources, but also new applications of 5g in such industries as Internet of vehicles and power security, which will help Nanjing speed up the construction of an urban energy Internet with high-quality development of comprehensive energy. “In the just concluded college entrance examination, Nanjing Unicom cooperated with the power supply company to complete 5g networking in the main urban college entrance examination hall, and the province took the lead in developing the” panoramic intelligent power guarantee intelligent system “to realize 24-hour inspection, and to be the guardian of the candidates’ ranking.” Nanjing Unicom deputy general manager Liu Tao said.

The year 2020 is the starting year for the new Nanjing Construction of “strong, rich, beautiful and high”. Nanjing will invest 545.4 billion yuan in new infrastructure and related industry projects. The cross-border cooperation between power grid and communication will greatly enrich the infrastructure resources such as 5g network and data center, and accelerate the development of new formats and modes. At the same time, urban energy Internet is an important part of smart city construction. 5g, as an important support, will make the power grid more “intelligent”, make energy “green” and make the city more “beautiful”.

It is understood that in the next five years, the cooperation between State Grid Nanjing power supply company and the three major operators and iron tower company will generate “sharing economy” of basic resources and “5g new business format” of energy Internet, which is expected to drive the growth of Nanjing’s digital economy by more than 300 billion yuan, promote the construction of high-quality comprehensive energy, develop urban energy Internet, and help the comprehensive implementation of “four new” actions in Nanjing.

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