In 2019, for LED display industry, there are many wonderful new products emerging, mini led, cob, rental screen, transparent screen These products are not only the improvement of industrial technology and productivity, but also represent the development trend of the next end market products. What are the most popular LED display products worthy of praise in 2019? Let’s see:

Lehman cob 0.9mm micro spacing led HD display

Popular LED display products inventory led transparent jade screen is suitable for a variety of scenarios

At the Isle in early 2019, Lehman optoelectronics released a new cob micro spacing product with a point spacing of p0.9. At the exhibition, Lehman cob 0.9mm micro spacing led HD display directly faces the audience without fear of the audience’s touch, clap, scratch, hit and knock, fully demonstrating its high reliability characteristics.

Advantages: Lehman p0.9 cob products, on the basis of cob products in the early stage, carried out a number of technical optimization for the needs of customers. In view of the power consumption problems raised by customers, p0.9 cob product launched a common negative design, which directly reduced the power consumption by 30% compared with the common positive product. At the same time, in order to improve the viewing effect of customers, the product has been optimized in lens design and surface treatment technology, and the flat lens design has been adopted to improve the color consistency of white balance.

Lehmann photoelectric 8K micro led ultra high definition display

In the middle of 2019, the 324 inch 8K ultra high definition micro LED display was officially released by Lehman.

Advantages: this large-scale micro led HD display is equipped with the cob integrated packaging technology patented by Lehman, and is made of micro LED display module seamless splicing. The modular seamless splicing mode greatly improves the flexibility of screen size. At the same time, for 16:9 standard size materials, 21:9 wide screen materials, and 10:1 unconventional scale materials, the modular splicing display module can maintain the consistent display level, and the image quality is smooth and excellent.

Riyadh 0.6mm dot spacing led self illumination screen

In July, Riad launched its own 0.6mm point spacing led self luminous screen and announced that it has reached mass production status.

Advantages: small spacing display has the characteristics of high definition, high contrast, wide color gamut, low energy consumption and high protection. Through such cutting-edge new technology, LED screen can make more efficient and stable use of chip, presenting higher resolution and clearer image quality.

Riad micro LED intelligent TV and conference machine

At the end of 2019, Riad officially released new intelligent display and TV products in the field of consumer goods, as well as LCD commercial display, conference integrated machine and other products. This is the first time that Riad display products appear in the field of consumer goods, which also marks the official entry of Riad into the household consumption market.

In May 2019, relying on the independently developed LED small spacing patent technology, Riad created a “cloud + Network + end” video interactive conference ecosystem, enabling the full platform of mobile phones, computers, conference tablets, etc. to realize interoperability. At the end of the year, lyad business display upgraded again, launched the “Ai + conference tablet solution”, and combined with the “little Detong” audio and video cloud platform, created a full scene solution for the conference.

Advantages: the Riad micro led 135 inch TV consists of 25 284 * 216 pixel modules, which is assembled to solve the problem that the large screen is not convenient for transportation and can not enter the home, thus breaking the size limitations of the home display products and redefining the home space.

Abison Mini led ax1.5

In 2019, abison launched ax1.5, the world’s first stage display product with a spacing of 1.5mm. Three months after the exhibition, the products have received a large number of orders, and have been put into lease in auto show, TV live broadcast and other fields in many countries and regions around the world. Its excellent performance, such as display effect and flatness, has been welcomed and praised by many international well-known customers.

Advantages: in addition to IMD technology, abison’s Mini LED products also adopt common cathode technology, with brightness increased by 20% and heat reduced by 20%, extending the service life of the products, and the products can present better contrast, making the black more pure.

Abison Mini led cr0.9

In 2019, abison launched cr0.9, a new mini LED product adopting four in one IMD integrated packaging technology.

Advantages: cr0.9 not only inherits the advantages of SMD technology, but also innovates. Cr0.9 solves the problems such as poor ink color consistency, light leakage, maintenance difficulties, splicing seams, and easy to bump when the conventional SMD is down to 1mm spacing, which brings important guidance to the development of LED display screen to micro spacing.

Zhouming Mini led amber 0.9 and sapphire 1.5 series

In September 2019, Zhouming developed the ultra small spacing indoor high-end fixed Mini LED products based on common cathode driving technology and IMD four in one packaging technology, including amber 0.9 series and sapphire 1.5 series, which opened up a new application field of mini led.

Advantages: compared with the traditional LED display, the temperature of the two products is greatly reduced, and the working energy consumption is also reduced by 15% – 20%. It can not only restore the color of the whole picture more realistically and improve the display effect, but also can be better applied to the command and control center, conference room, medical image and stage performance due to the increase of the welding strength of pixel points and the significant reduction of pixel damage And radio stations.

Zhou Ming unano series: winner of the red dot award

In 2019, unano launched by ZM is a product designed for high-end leasing and small spacing application of radio and television. It is also a product that led display industry has won the honor of German Red Dot Design Award – “red dot supreme Award” so far.

Advantages: in the appearance design, unano adopts the “X” design element, which can form a continuous geometric shape when multiple box units are combined, and produce the visual effect of infinite extension. At the same time, unano has a high-precision adjustable lock design, and the box has an arc function, which can be spliced into a large arc small spacing rental screen, and can also be better applied to the field of radio and television, bringing users a better visual experience.

First class photoelectric LED transparent window screen jade screen

In 2019, the LED transparent window screen jade screen produced and developed by Yipin photoelectric successfully won the “Oscar in the construction industry”.

Advantages: this transparent screen can still be clearly visible under strong light, with a self luminous brightness of 5000cd / ㎡, so that it can show natural light and clear screen content under any high light environment. At the same time, the LED transparent jade screen is suitable for a variety of scenes, which can effectively help advertising communication and marketing.


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