Polyonics is able to accurately identify the needs of this metal processing line in the process of product release.

The heat resistant temperature of highdegree product line is up to 1292 degrees Fahrenheit (700 degrees Celsius). Labels and tags can be directly pasted or hung on coils, rolls, bars, sheets, rebar, pipes and wire bundles for accurate inventory control and traceability after they leave the furnace.

Polyonics push resistance thermoelectric label material

The label material made of polyimide and aluminum has a unique, non yellowing polymer or silicone printing surface, which is suitable for heat transfer printing. They also have subversive high-temperature acrylic or ultra-high temperature silicone adhesive (PSAs), so they can always stay on the pasted materials from the furnace to the finished products delivered to customers.

“For more than 25 years, we are proud to provide reliable, durable and durable labels and label solutions for identification, tracking and manufacturing, mainly in the electronics and PCB markets. Over the years, we have found that our labels and label materials can withstand the harsh requirements of metalworking, “said Jim Clemente, President and CEO of polyonics. “As a result, we have invested heavily in R & D and strategically focused on innovation in the metalworking market, which is an important growth area for us.”

Highdegree tag materials can be used instead of riveting plates, chalk or crayons to track hot metal in a foundry. They are highly tear resistant, so there is no accidental removal during storage or delivery, further ensuring inventory accountability.

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