Everyone is deeply touched by how hot this summer is, but there are still many people who have not experienced power outages.

Since July this year, Sichuan Province has encountered extreme high temperature weather once in 60 years, and the electricity load has continued to rise, reaching a maximum of 59.1 million kilowatts, and the power supply is facing enormous pressure. Affected by the continuous high temperature and lack of rain in August, the power supply in Sichuan Province has become more and more tense. In this context, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology and the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company jointly issued a document “About the expansion of industrial enterprises to make electricity available to the people.” Scope of Emergency Notice”. The notice requires that in order to ensure the safety of the Sichuan power grid, ensure the power consumption of people’s livelihood, and ensure that there is no power cutoff, the active staggered peak avoidance demand response will be canceled from August 15. ) Expand the scope of industrial enterprises to provide electricity to the people, implement full production shutdown (except for security loads) for all industrial power users (including whitelisted key guarantee enterprises) in the orderly electricity consumption plan of Sichuan Power Grid, put on high-temperature holidays, and let electricity be used by the people. .

Sichuan Province did not officially terminate the second-level emergency response to energy supply guarantee until September. That is to say, until September, it rained in many places in Sichuan Province, the temperature dropped significantly, the water inflow to the basin further increased, and the hydropower generation capacity returned to normal, which lasted for several days. The tense situation of electricity supply and demand has been basically eased.

In the context of carbon neutrality and power shortage, my country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement stating that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and the State Administration for Market Regulation, jointly issued a plan to accelerate green and low-carbon power equipment. Development plan, and at the same time to enhance the level of energy efficiency of electrical equipment. Support the development of permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance motors, smart motors and ultra-efficient asynchronous motors with high power density.

The Action Plan for Accelerating the Green and Low-Carbon Innovative Development of Electric Power Equipment proposes to promote the green upgrade of the equipment system, innovate and improve the technology of electric power equipment; cultivate and form a number of high-quality brands through the application of typical scenarios; support enterprises to invest in overseas investment and set up production and sales services Base, to drive upstream and downstream related products to go out. In 5 to 8 years, the supply structure of power equipment has been significantly improved, and the flexibility and transformation capacity of coal-fired power units has exceeded 200 million kilowatts.

Low carbon is a key point. The Action Plan for Accelerating Green and Low-Carbon Innovation and Development of Electric Power Equipment requires accelerating the development of clean and low-carbon power generation equipment, and promoting energy-saving and carbon-reducing transformation, flexibility transformation, and heating transformation of coal-fired power equipment. Accelerate the research and development of gas turbines, accelerate the development and application of variable-speed pumped storage and offshore pumped storage equipment, and research on key technologies for high-head impact hydroelectric units. Accelerate the batch production of third-generation nuclear power, and accelerate the development and application of fourth-generation nuclear power equipment. Accelerate the development and application of biomass energy equipment, marine energy, geothermal energy and other development and utilization equipment.

At the same time, it clarified the key directions of green and low-carbon development in ten fields of power equipment, and promoted green and low-carbon power equipment in ten fields including thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power, hydrogen energy, energy storage, power transmission, distribution and power consumption. development and promote clean energy production.

For innovative power equipment, green source, intelligent network, load reduction, and new storage are several key words. In the electrical equipment segment, equipment such as high-power density permanent magnet motors, synchronous reluctance motors, smart motors, ultra-high-efficiency asynchronous motors, high-efficiency electric boilers, and electric kilns are highlighted. And speeding up key core technology research is also a direction of strength.

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