Recently, in order to ensure the smooth return of college students to Tianjin, the public security and transportation department has enabled police UAVs to perform high-altitude duties and shout along key highways to assist traffic and effectively maintain traffic order. Its omni-directional traffic dredging service mode has been highly praised and has a good prospect.

Analysis of multi scene application technology of police UAV

Police UAV is a professional UAV, which requires higher safety and reliability than other consumer UAV Systems. As an important part of the civilian field of UAVs, police UAVs have begun to take shape in the market as early as 2017. Their application scenarios continue to expand with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and UAV technology. They have outstanding performance in shooting operations, auxiliary investigation, remote supervision and so on. They have been widely used in investigation and arrest, traffic management, activity security Emergency rescue and other scenes.

Police UAVs assist traffic, effectively maintain traffic order, and have a bright future

Application of police UAV in traffic management

North China industrial control believes that the police UAV, as an important equipment needed to serve the police work, not only has a huge demand, but also has strict requirements for the quality and performance of relevant products. High reliable and high-quality computer hardware must be used to ensure the smooth development of its intelligent functions.

Industrial computer hardware has a flexible network application environment, supports fast algorithms, and can realize rapid control tasks such as rapid launch of police UAV.

Industrial computer hardware supports WDR, multi-level noise reduction, anti shake and various image enhancement and correction algorithms. It has good visibility and stability when applied to police UAV.

The industrial computer hardware can be equipped with various multifunctional backplanes, which has the characteristics of modularization, integration and generalization, and can meet the application requirements of multiple intelligent functions of police UAV.


In addition, industrial computer hardware is mostly built according to industrial or military standards, which is more in line with the application needs of public security system. Based on the diversified and intelligent scene applications of police robots, North China industrial control has a series of leading embedded computer products to meet its technical demands.

North China industrial control – Police UAV computer product scheme

The technical landing of police UAV involves the collection and application of many technologies such as artificial intelligence, UAV and computer. North China industrial control has actively introduced new technologies such as big data, AI and automation, continued product innovation, and created a series of high-quality and reliable computer board schemes, which can help the intelligent operation of UAV.

Control system block diagram of North China industrial control UAV

Hi3516dv300 processor is a domestic Hisilicon intelligent chipset platform and a professional intelligent IP Camera SOC product developed for AI and machine vision technology. The products built by Huabei industrial control based on the processor include arm architecture core board, flight control module, 3.5-inch board and other products, which can be specially used in UAV control system.

The product adopts Hisilicon multi-core heterogeneous processor with low power consumption and high expansion, onboard high-speed memory, rich interfaces and high integration, supports multiple input and output modes, and integrates audio codec. It has the characteristics of multi stream real-time encoding and decoding ability, HD video encoding and decoding ability, strong scalability and excellent performance. It is tailored for network IP video monitoring system, It can be widely used in monitoring IP cameras, intelligent UAVs and other industries.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the market demand of UAV is becoming larger and larger. Relying on its own R & D platform, Huabei industrial control makes great efforts in UAV application, and can provide leading embedded computer product solutions according to the needs of customers in different industries.

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