PLC Analog input data acquisition, after calculation conversion to get MD double word, the final host computer monitor display address db.dbw single word, this process is how to convert, use what instruction? Please give some advice from experts. It’s better to give a detailed example. Thank you!

How to convert double integer (such as db20.dbd48) into monitor display address (single integer) of upper computer with MOV instruction? Is it two lower or two higher?

A: generally, Siemens standard function block fc105 is used to convert the data collected by analog input module into real number, which can be saved by MD, then convert the real number into double integer (round or TRUNC instruction can be used), and finally convert the double integer into your host computer monitoring display address by mov instruction, such as db.dbw (single integer). The reason why you can use single integer signal to display your collected value is that your input signal does not exceed the expression range of single integer signal, otherwise it will cause data overflow.






For example, convert the value in db20.dbd48 to mw20




Db20. Dbw48 = 0,

Or db20. Dbd48 ≠ mw20.

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