On May 18, pingtouge released its new processor of xuantie series, xuantie 907. The processor optimizes the open source risc-v architecture, takes into account the characteristics of high performance and low power consumption, and can be applied to MPU (microprocessor), intelligent voice, navigation and positioning, storage control and other fields. It is revealed that the processor has been authorized to a number of enterprises.

Different from the traditional chip architecture, open source risc-v solves the problems of high cost and poor flexibility in chip design under the traditional IP licensing mode. Thanks to this, risc-v has rapidly become the mainstream choice in the chip industry chain. As one of the earliest enterprises to lay out risc-v technology, pingtouge’s xuantie series product line covers high-performance and low-power scenarios.

Previously, pingtouge has launched a number of products such as xuantie 902, 906 and 910 based on risc-v architecture. The xuantie 907 released this time is a processor with high performance and low power consumption. It is reported that the xuantie 907 has expanded and enhanced the open source risc-v architecture. It adopts a 5-stage pipeline design, with a maximum operating frequency of more than 1GHz and a unit performance of 3.8 coremark / MHz. In addition, the processor also realizes the latest DSP instruction standard of risc-v for the first time, with excellent computing energy efficiency, and is suitable for real-time computing scenarios with high computing performance requirements such as storage and industrial control.

Architecture of pingtouge xuantie 907

Meng Jianyi, vice president of pingtouge, said: “the advantages of risc-v architecture chips in the aiot scene are gradually revealed. Pingtouge hopes to promote the development of risc-v ecology through technology and product innovation, and further reduce the threshold of enterprise chip design.”

At present, pingtouge’s xuantie series processors have shipped more than 2 billion, and more than 200 enterprises, including Quanzhi technology, Zhuosheng microelectronics, Zhongke Lanxun, are using xuantie series processors to design chips; In 2019, the xuantie 910 released by pingtouge achieves a breakthrough in performance, which can be applied to high-performance scenarios such as 5g, artificial intelligence and automatic driving.

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