In Beijing, Ping An announced the establishment of a global financial and economic development research center in the Institute of global common development in cooperation with Tsinghua University, to build a global think tank in the field of finance, and to promote the establishment of a national modern financial industry system.

In recent years, Ping An of China has made sustained investment in science and technology. In the past decade, it has invested more than 50 billion yuan, with 13 leading achievements in the world.

Ping An is using blockchain technology to solve the financing problem of SMEs

In the field of blockchain technology, Qiu Han, deputy general manager and chief Innovation Officer of Ping An financial one account, said: “Ping An China has made in-depth layout and development in blockchain technology, with many related application scenarios. The essence of blockchain is a data storage method, which can be simply understood as a shared “transparent digital ledger” that cannot be tampered with. There are several characteristics of such “account book” – decentralization, information transparency and distributed storage. This kind of distributed ledger technology enables the records to be irrevocable, not forged and highly transparent once they occur. Through the construction of small and medium-sized enterprise credit platform and the use of blockchain technology, banks can be more assured of the data provided by small and medium-sized enterprises, and solve the financing problem of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Qiu Han said that the fundamental problem of Inclusive Finance is to solve the problem that the cost of providing financial services is too high first. By using blockchain technology, banks can save a lot of manpower, and risk control personnel can obtain comprehensive reports including each transaction in real time and remotely, greatly reducing costs. In the future, Ping An will apply blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new cloud computing technologies to more real-time scenarios.

The white paper “realizing the potential of blockchain” issued by the world economic forum points out that blockchain is about to create a more subversive and transformative Internet era. Blockchain can use global peer-to-peer networks to ensure the integrity of the value exchanged among billions of devices without the need for trusted third parties.

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