When we are faced with a touch Android Tablet, it is only a display screen at first glance. If we have enough skills to take apart this display screen, we will find that there is a mystery in it. The display screen is divided into two panels, the bottom layer is the display panel, and the touch panel is closely covered on the display panel. The key to determine the touch performance of a tablet lies in the top layer Touch panel: ten, the flagship of wisdom, uses piezoelectric touch technology in this layer of panel. From this point of view, we can see the effect of the separation of display panel and touch panel.

The key factors that determine the display effect of a flat panel are related to the quality of the bottom display panel and the light transmittance of the upper touch panel. The light transmittance of ten, the flagship of smart tablet, is as high as 95%. By contrast, the light transmittance of resistive touch panel can only reach 80%. This article focuses on the description of the leading touch technology on ten piezoelectric touch.

We are no stranger to touch tablets. The famous apple ipad represents the direction of capacitive touch. A large number of touch tablets on the market use resistive touch technology. The Apple iPad machine itself is impeccable, but the high price is difficult to get close to ordinary consumers. The resistive touch tablet price is not suitable for the experience, and consumers need to have some experience A more advanced touch technology, compatible with all the advantages of resistive screen and capacitive screen, was born, and the Android Tablet of piezoelectric touch technology was born with the call. We might as well understand the working principle of touch screen and compare the advantages and disadvantages of resistive screen and capacitive screen.

Alt4519005366387712 piezoelectric touch has unique pressure sensing and pressure detection characteristics

The working principle of resistive touch screen is: when touching the screen with hand or touch finger, the upper resistance is compressed and deformed and contacts with the lower resistance, and the lower resistance film can sense the position of finger or touch object and give feedback. The working principle of capacitive touch screen is: when the finger touches, the capacitance of the contact will change, making the frequency of the circuit board connected with it change, and the touch position can be determined by measuring the frequency change.

Although the resistive touch screen is simple in design and low in price, it is limited to its physical characteristics. The low light transmittance and the number of high lines increase the burden of the processor. Although the capacitive touch screen has high light transmittance and good definition, the screen drift and the harsh requirements on the ambient temperature and humidity may be caused by congenital deficiencies. The working principle of pressure sensitive touch screen is equivalent to TFT. Its manufacturing process is like capacitive touch screen, and its physical structure is like resistive touch screen. It is a combination of three mature technologies. Therefore, the new technology of piezoelectric touch screen combines the advantages of resistance and capacitance, and avoids the disadvantages of the two.

The piezoelectric touch technology adopted by ten, the flagship of smart tablet, is a new generation product that combines the advantages of resistive touch and capacitive touch. It supports multi touch like capacitive touch screen, and the resistive touch mechanism supports any object touch, unlike capacitive touch screen, which only supports skin like material touch. Therefore, the piezoelectric touch screen used by ten has the multi touch touch of capacitive screen and the precision and stability of resistive screen, which is refreshing.

With the piezoelectric touch, we can easily drag and drop pages with our fingertips. We can use the hard objects on hand to touch the machine, such as TF ferrule, toothpick and so on. There’s no problem using the nib. It’s easy to operate the machine, which can’t be realized on the capacitive screen.

The piezoelectric touch used by ten has unique “pressure sensing and pressure detection”, which is also the most essential feature different from other touch screens at present. Ten touch screen, a smart device, supports ten point touch, which perfectly supports all multi-point gestures of Android system. Even if you wear gloves or your fingers are wet and wet, you can still operate ten. However, the capacitive touch screen can only be operated by removing gloves and wiping your hands. This completely subverts the outdated experience of touch operation.

Even if you wear gloves in winter, the machine can easily respond to touch operation, which cannot be realized on the capacitive screen. It is reasonable to expect that ten, the flagship of smart tablet, will bring us a subversive tablet experience with its leading piezoelectric touch technology!


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