3KV cut-off voltage; Mu metal magnetic shielding realizes close arrangement of relays

September 30, 2021, clarkton beach, UK: Pickering electronics is a leading manufacturer in miniaturization and high-performance reed relay, with more than 50 years of experience. Recently, it announced the launch of 100hv series high voltage resistant single in-line SIL / SIP reed relay, which provides a maximum rated cut-off voltage of 3KV, and the coil resistance is more than twice that of previous products. High series relays are suitable for transformer, cable test, or any other automatic test equipment requiring high voltage but low coil power consumption.

Kevin Mallett, a technical expert of Pickering electronics, explained the new product: “100hv series relay is very suitable for applications requiring switching power supply voltage, such as controlling and isolating silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) Or bidirectional thyristor gate. In addition, in mixed signal applications, the coil power of this relay is low, so it can reduce the thermoelectric potential voltage generated by the switch. “

100hv series provides three types of dry spring switches, which can withstand the cut-off voltage of 1.5kvdc, 2 kvdc or 3KVDC. The 3 kV version is characterized by a larger gap between the switch and coil pins, which can adapt to higher voltages. In addition, reed switches with higher voltage can be provided upon request. In addition, this series of relays also have internal Mu metal magnetic shielding function to avoid problems caused by magnetic interaction due to close arrangement.

The new high voltage resistant single in-line SIL / SIP reed relay provides one or two switches in one package, and provides three configuration options: 1 form a, 2 form a and 1 form B. In addition, it also provides three coil voltage options of 5V, 12V or 24V, and internal diodes can be selected.

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