The highest explosion-proof grade of explosion-proof LED street lamp can be used safely in various inflammable and explosive places. For dangerous production of heavy enterprises, the construction of Engineering street lamp, explosion-proof street lamp is designed for petrochemical, chemical, petroleum and other sites.

The scope of application is widely used in oil exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry and other dangerous environment, offshore oil platform, oil tanker and other places for general lighting and operation lighting; it is widely used in places with high protection requirements and humidity.

Performance of LED explosion proof street lamp

1. The shell is made of aluminum alloy by die casting, and the surface is sprayed with high voltage static electricity.

2. Toughened glass lampshade, stainless steel exposed fasteners. The surface of the protective net cover is sprayed with plastic after galvanizing, with double anticorrosion.

3. The lamp adopts explosion-proof structure design, the material is high-strength die-casting aluminum, the surface of the lamp is sprayed with plastic, and the transparent cover is made of high-strength tempered glass, which is corrosion-resistant, beautiful and durable.

4. The lamp is of integrated design, which is easy to install and maintain. The ballast chamber is designed independently to effectively avoid heat conduction from the light source chamber to the ballast.

5. The reflector adopts imported orange pattern diffuse reflection plate, which has high reflection efficiency and uniform light.

6. The light distribution form is flexible and can be made into various floodlight or projection lighting.

7. Using LED as light source, it has high luminous efficiency and long service life, and the average service life is more than 50000 hours.

  Performance of alled explosion proof street lamp_ Advantages and disadvantages of LED explosion proof street lamp

Advantages of LED explosion proof street lamp

1. High energy saving: LED lamp 3W can indirectly replace ordinary fluorescent lamp 12W and incandescent lamp 30W.

2. Long life: LED light source is called turtle age lamp, which means never extinguished lamp. Solid cold light source is packaged with epoxy resin, and there is no loose department in the lamp body. There are no defects such as easy burning of filament light, hot rock and light failure. The service life can reach 30000 to 50000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than that of ancient light source.

3. Multi illusion: LED light source can use red, green, blue three, basic color principle, under the control of computer skills. Third, which kind of color has 256 levels of gray and can be assimilated at will. It can produce 256 × 256 × 256 = 16777216 which kind of color, change into the combination of different light and color, change unpredictable, kill green purple and bright red dynamic change effect and various pictures.

4. Environmental protection: it does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, which is conducive to receiving and will not cause electromagnetic disturbance (mercury and lead are contained in fluorescent lamps, while electronic ballasts in energy-saving lamps will cause electromagnetic disturbance). Moreover, wastes can be received. Cold light source can be touched safely. It is a typical organic lighting source.

5. High Tech Tip: compared with the boring luminous effect of ancient light source, LED light source is a low-voltage microelectronic product, which smoothly integrates computer skills, network communication skills, image processing skills, embedded control skills, etc., so it is also a product of digital information. It is a “high-tech” technology of semiconductor optoelectronic devices, which has the characteristics of online programming, endless upgrading and flexible.

Disadvantages of LED explosion proof street lamp

1. Single LED power is low. In order to obtain high power, several parallel applications are needed.

2. The color rendering index is low. The color displayed under LED illumination is not as real as incandescent lamp, which is a technical problem to analyze from the spectrum distribution.

3. Light spot. Due to the defects of white LED in manufacturing process and the error of matching with reflector cup or lens, it is easy to cause the problem of “yellow circle”.

4. LED illumination uniformity problem. If the secondary optical design is not carried out, the illumination of LED is relatively concentrated, so the secondary optical design must be carried out to make the light intensity distribution diagram of LED be bat shaped.

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