The TCP0030A is an easy-to-use, high-performance AC/DC probe designed for direct connection to oscilloscopes through the TekVPI™ probe interface. This AC/DC measurement probe offers a bandwidth of over 120MHz, with optional 5A and 30A measurement ranges. These probes also offer excellent low-current measurement capability and current accuracy down to 1mA, which are critical to meeting today’s challenging current measurement needs.

main feature:

• Intelligent communication with TekVPI™ oscilloscopes, providing:

– Unit scaling and readings. Current and amplitude readings are automatically displayed on the screen.

– No manual setup required. No need to do manual calculations from voltage to current

– Button degaussing and auto-zero function

—Probe status and diagnostic indicator LEDs

– Split core structure, easy circuit connection

—High accuracy, DC gain error is generally less than 1%

– Small noise and DC drift

— Third-party safety certified remote GPIB/USB probe control

Main performance indicators:

• DC to >120MHz bandwidth

• 30ARMS maximum current capability

• 50A peak pulse current capability

•High accuracy, DC gain error is generally less than 1%

• Accurately measure current down to 1mA


•power supply

• Semiconductor equipment

• Power inverter/converter

• Electronic ballasts

• Industrial/Consumer Electronics

• Mobile communications

• Motor drive

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