PicoScope 4444 is not only suitable for differential measurement, but also has more functions than a general oscilloscope with superior differential measurement. PicoScope software provides many free functions such as serial bus decoding, template measurement, tolerance test, channel operation and automatic calculation.

Performance index and application characteristics of 4444 four channel USB isolated oscilloscope

Key indicators:

4-way true differential input

Flexible 12 bit or 14 bit vertical resolution

20MHz bandwidth

Up to 400ms / s sampling rate

256ms capture storage

High common mode rejection ratio

Balanced high impedance input for low load circuits

Intelligent probe interface

Measuring differential signals using signal channels

Measurement of ungrounded reference signal

Suppression of common mode voltage in biological and electronic signals

With 1000vcat Ⅲ probe, safe single terminal and 3-phase voltage measurement can be realized

Measuring power curves for mobile and IOT devices

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