The new 1080p intelligent IPC comes out. With the gradual deepening of HD monitoring, all walks of life have put forward monitoring products with different requirements for HD front-end. This is a great challenge for monitoring manufacturers. In view of this, with the gradual deepening of the development and application of cameras by UOB, some HD products developed by UOB tend to be “integrated”, which can meet the high requirements of most monitoring places.

Dh-ipc-hf8281e-4m1080p is one of the full real-time high-definition IPC. The device has the functions of high resolution, electronic anti shake, fog removal, intelligent vehicle recognition, etc., and can span a wide range of application fields.

It can provide network, analog, coaxial HD and digital HD

In terms of appearance design, dh-ipc-hf8281e-4m still continues the classic design of white body + black front end of Dahua gun machine product. On closer inspection, the white fuselage is frosted, which improves the environmental resistance of the camera to a certain extent. There is an automatic aperture interface on the right side of the camera, which provides automatic aperture adjustment to achieve optimal light acquisition. The logo of the manufacturer and the functional features of various cameras are screen printed on both sides.

Figure 1 the camera can support network, analog, coaxial HD and digital HD outputs

Main features of the product

Dh-ipc-hf8281e-4m is a multifunctional HD camera front end. Under dust, fog or

Under the harsh monitoring environment in rainy days, the equipment can provide fog penetration technology to keep the monitoring image clear; The camera can also be used as a vehicle port identification, and corresponding rules can be set to realize vehicle monitoring; Support corridor mode and provide electronic anti shake; Support audio detection, detect no sound source input, filter ambient noise, and remind of sudden screams; Built in Auto Focus module for fast focusing.

Actual test

During the test, the tester set the camera parameters to 1080p/25fps and the bandwidth to 4m.


Now aim the camera at the standard definition test card. Through image capture, it is found that the camera can provide an excellent resolution of 1100tvl in horizontal definition, 1000tvl in vertical definition, and more than 900tvl at the edge. (as shown in Figure 2)

Figure 2 horizontal definition 1100tvl, vertical definition 1000tvl

Color restoration and gray scale

Then the camera was aligned with the standard 24 color test card and gray scale card. Through visual observation of the display image and software analysis, the results showed that the overall color restoration of the camera was excellent, and the color saturation was also ideal. In the test of gray scale, the 20 grade gray scale can identify 19 grades, and the gray scale effect is excellent. (as shown in Figure 3)

Figure 3 excellent color restoration, and the gray scale can reach 19 levels

Wide dynamic

In the wide dynamic test, the tester aims the camera at the doll, bonsai and box in front of the window. When the wide dynamic effect is not turned on, the observed object is relatively dark; Then turn on the wide dynamic effect, and you can obviously feel that the subject becomes bright and clear, which is obviously different from turning off the wide dynamic effect. (as shown in Figure 4)

Figure 4 wide dynamic closing and opening effects have obvious difference


In the camera setting interface, you can see that the machine provides automatic focusing function. During the test, the tester sets the camera to the fuzzy state and clicks automatic focusing

Live picture

Now aim the camera at the real scene of indoor simulation, and use D65 standard light source to fill in the light. On the whole, it can be clearly observed that the simulated color doll, fruit, wine, etc. can be well restored, with high color saturation and good definition. Then we turned to the outdoor scene monitoring. Through observation, we found that the image provided by the machine is very sharp, the overall color control is in place, the image is smooth, the leaves can be seen clearly, and the distant buildings can also be clearly identified. (as shown in Figure 5)

Figure 5 high definition real scene monitoring effect, excellent overall brightness and white balance control

network performance

When the camera is running, the code stream monitoring software is always turned on. It is found that the camera can be stabilized at about 4.1m/s on average, the peak value of the dynamic picture will not exceed 5.5m/s, and the static picture can reach 2.8m/s. In the test of network delay, the network delay provided by the camera is 220ms, 240ms and 220ms after three screenshots. It can be seen that the manufacturer has optimized the network performance of the camera and the network delay is very low. (as shown in Figure 6)

Figure 6 network delay is only 220ms

Vehicle bayonet

The vehicle bayonet is the highlight of the camera, which can be used as a traffic bayonet. In the setting interface, in the scene configuration of intelligent transportation, the tester can see the corresponding setting rules. The user can draw the detection area line, detection lane and detection line, set the size of the license plate, or select to detect non motor vehicles. (as shown in Figure 7)

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