LED miner’s lamp this product is a new generation of safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly miner’s lamp. The main light source adopts internationally advanced power LED light-emitting tube, with high luminous efficiency and long service life. The lamp cap switch adopts light touch electronic switch, which has good sealing and convenient use. The miner’s lamp has a built-in microprocessor control chip, which has a variety of protection functions, intelligently manages the charging and discharging process, and is suitable for charging on all kinds of miner’s lamp charging equipment. The power supply adopts alkaline Ni MH battery pack, which has no memory, maintenance free, safe and reliable.

Performance characteristics of LED miner’s lamp

1. Strong magnetism is installed at the bottom of the lamp, which can be adsorbed on the iron frame or iron cabinet, which brings convenience to the operation.

2. Imported high brightness solid-state LED light source is adopted, which has high luminous efficiency, long service life, environmental protection and energy saving.

3. Weak light, strong light and signal flicker can be switched arbitrarily.

4. The appearance is light and small. In addition to carrying, it can also be matched with waist and hat;

5. It adopts optimized structural design and has good waterproof performance.

6. Charging and discharging adopt chip intelligent control, multiple protection, safe and efficient.

Main technical parameters of LED miner’s lamp


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