In view of the current situation that the supervision places have a large amount of custody and a small police force, and the composition of the supervised personnel is complex and difficult to manage, Tiandi Weiye actively conforms to the development trend of informatization, continues to promote the construction and application of supervision informatization, and promotes the innovation and development of supervision work with scientific and technological information technology. A series of new products in the supervision industry will contribute to further improving the safety of supervision sites, serving criminal proceedings and administrative law enforcement activities, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of supervised persons.

Intelligent infrared correction panoramic cameras are mainly used in indoor scenes such as prison rooms and functional rooms. Based on advanced distortion correction technology, a single device can achieve panoramic coverage of monitoring scenes. At the same time, using the powerful computing power of high-performance smart chips, the front-end can realize a variety of in-depth intelligent behavior analysis that is highly suitable for the business needs of the prison, such as getting up and staying. sharp weapon.

1. See more comprehensively

01. Real-time panoramic monitoring

Based on the distortion panoramic correction technology, a single device can realize panoramic monitoring without dead angle

02. Analysis of historical laws

Analyze the activity rules of key personnel from the dimensions of time and space to achieve precise personnel management and control

03. Smart IoT management and control

A variety of external sensors are connected and intelligent linkage is realized to help the safe construction of prisons

2. Intelligence is more accurate

01. In-depth intelligence: The in-depth intelligent analysis algorithm integrating various regulatory features such as climbing, getting up, and staying is conducive to preventing law enforcement risks and reducing the burden on the police

02. Excellent performance: Using Huawei HiSilicon high-performance smart chips, the speed and accuracy of intelligent analysis are greatly improved

3. The system is simpler

01. Highly integrated design, the front-end completes intelligent analysis and alerting, the analysis is more accurate, and the response is faster

02. Easy to deploy, easy to troubleshoot, and save operation and maintenance costs

03. No need to be equipped with an intelligent analysis server, which is more cost-effective

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