Gds-2000a series digital storage oscilloscope embodies a high-value design concept, including 2gsa / s sampling rate, 2m recording length, 2 / 4 input channel, super large color LCD display and VPO (visual persistence oscilloscope) technology. The update rate of 80000wfms / s can quickly complete waveform capture and processing.

Gds-2000a series oscilloscope has four bandwidths of 300MHz, 200MHz, 100MHz and 70MHz, and 2 and 4 groups of input channels. The whole series covers 8 models. 2m recording length not only supports long-time waveform storage, but also provides sufficient data support for later analysis. Waveform acquisition design and advanced VPO waveform processing technology greatly improve the speed and quality of gds-2000a series waveform display with a high-speed waveform update rate of 80000 times per second.

Rich extended function design can form a five in one multifunctional test platform

The optional logic analyzer captures the signal through logic trigger, so that the logic waveform and analog waveform are displayed on the same screen, which is convenient for comparison and time analysis. Insert 8 / 16 input channel module into the rear panel to realize the function of mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO). Gds-2000a series has the performance characteristics of all high-end DSOs today. Standard RS-232C interface, USB interface and go Nogo output, as well as optional Ethernet interface, SVGA video output interface and USB-GPIB adapter for users to choose. With optional signal source module, moderate price and innovative design, gds-2000a has high customer value.

Product features:

▪ 70 / 100 / 200 / 300MHz bandwidth, providing 2 / 4 analog input channel

▪ Dual sampling mode: maximum 2gsa / s real-time sampling rate and 100gsa / s equivalent sampling rate

▪ 2m memory for more waveform details

▪ 8 “800 * 600 high-resolution large-size picture, in line with visual habits, and the information does not occupy the waveform display area

▪ With the second generation memoryprime technology, the waveform capture rate can reach more than 80000 times (80000wfs / s)

▪ Flexible, rich and ready to expand application interfaces to ensure the investment value of customers

▪ Optional 8 or 16 channel logic instrument, digital and analog signals are analyzed at the same time

▪ Optional DDS waveform generator, integrated design, saving working space

▪ The bandwidth can be upgraded, and the bandwidth can be flexibly selected according to the budget

▪ Scalable can / LIN bus analysis, advanced logic, data recorder, digital voltmeter and horizontal trigger fixed-point deployment function

▪ Afg-125p / 225p arbitrary wave signal generator and logic analyzer can be purchased to form a new multifunctional experimental workstation to become a five in one digital oscilloscope. (with oscilloscope, logic analyzer, power supply, signal source, voltmeter and other multifunctional instruments)

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