With the increasing complexity of the signal, even if the sampling rate of the digital oscilloscope is high, it is likely that it will not be able to completely present the whole picture of the signal or the relative relationship between the signal and the signal. Gds-1000a-u series digital oscilloscope provides 70 / 100 / 150MHz bandwidth and 1GSa / s high-speed real-time sampling speed. The new memoryprimetechnology is more optimized for general digital oscilloscopes. Because of the problem that the wave pattern update rate may decrease due to long memory, you can analyze the details of wave patterns at full speed under the most efficient condition.

5.7 “high resolution color TFT display without bright spots, usbhost and device interface support, friendly operation man-machine interface More importantly, the whole series of gds-1000a-u provides a lifelong warranty plan! All this gwinstek is just for you who pursue excellence to get the maximum benefit at the minimum test cost and let you show your skills in your work.

About memoryprime Technology

What are the features that most DSOs lack? Is a sufficient record length. Does your DSO have enough record length? With a recording length of 2m points, gds-1000a-u can obtain more waveform data. The sampling rate of 1GSa / s and the recording length of 2m points are very important in single waveform acquisition. Gds-1000a-u enables you to monitor and observe a single waveform event without missing any details, which are unmatched by the digital storage oscilloscope with high sampling rate and low recording length.

Performance characteristics and application scope of gds-1000a-u series digital storage oscilloscope

Product features:

▪ 2 channels, 150 / 100 / 70MHz bandwidth

▪ Dual sampling mode: 1GSa / s real-time sampling rate and 25gsa / s equivalent sampling rate

▪ Internal 2m super memory

▪ Vertical voltage supply: 2mV ~ 10V / div

▪ Horizontal time scanning range 1ns ~ 50s / div

▪ Full range of 5.6 “color non bright tftlcds

▪ Mathematical operations provide +, -, x, FFT, fftrms, zoomfft

▪ Support 27 automatic measurement functions

▪ Usbhost & usbdevice interface

▪ Go / NoGo function

▪ data logger

▪ lifetime warranty

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